Fuller House Season 5 Release Date: When will the final season release?

Fuller House – Courtesy of Netflix

Fuller House’s future is secure for one final season. Season 5 will be the end of Fuller House but when will it be on Netflix, how have people reacted to the cancellation? Here’s everything we know on season 5 on Fuller House.

The Netflix reboot has been on Netflix since 2016. We’ve had several seasons since but none have released on a particularly regular schedule. The reboot sees the three girls in Full House all grown up with their own children and family issues.

Fuller House Season 5 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed for the final season (Last updated: 01/31/2018)

The series has been given a final season at Netflix. After months of speculation about the series cancellation, we’ve finally got it. The series will be returning for a final fifth season thanks to an announcement by the show’s social accounts.

Here’s how the cast has reacted the announcement:



What will happen in season 5 of Fuller House?

Be careful – spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen season 4 yet, go back and watch it all!

Season 4 concludes with the birth of Stephanie’s surrogate baby with most of the cast now assembled in the hospital. We conclude the episode and the season with a marriage proposal between Stephanie and Jimmy.

A new baby joins the She-Wolf pack

There are a few unfinished storylines but nothing that couldn’t be wrapped up in a special one-off episode. Ultimately, if the show was to be canceled, season 4 concluded relatively nicely.

It has been revealed that the ending to season 4 was very different at one person. The Fuller House Podcast speculated that it was changed because a season 5 was unlikely. Writer Bryan Behar took to Twitter to clarify the situation.

Is Netflix prepping to cancel Fuller House?

Original story

Some fans have pointed to the fact that finding season 4 of Fuller House has been exceptionally hard to do. The title card doesn’t currently feature on the Netflix Original carousel (at least on the various accounts we’ve tried) and we haven’t found it in the headline slot.

The week that Fuller House came out was exceptionally crowded when it came to Netflix Originals with the likes of Roma, Cuckoo, Travelers, Voltron, Wanted and Fit for Fashion all fighting for your attention.

Of course, rumors of the show’s cancelation first arose over recent months. TVline points to a big shakeup behind the scenes with Jeff Franklin fired as the showrunner. Accusations of misconduct arose last year regarding the now fired showrunner.

When would season 5 of Fuller House release on Netflix?

As you know, Netflix reverted its release schedule back for season 4 of Fuller House. Season 3, Netflix put the show on a schedule you’ll recognize from The Ranch whereby it splits a full season into two halves. Here’s a look at the previous year’s release schedule for Fuller House.

SeasonRelease Date
Season 1February 2016
Season 2December 2016
Season 3 – Part 1September 2017
Season 3 – Part 2December 2017
Season 4December 2018

Based on this, we think that should Fuller House get renewed for season 5, it’ll be here by the end of 2019. The most likely release date for it would be December 2019.

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