Is Yellowstone Seasons 1-2 on Netflix?

Yellowstone – Copyright. Linson Entertainment, Bosque Ranch Productions, and Treehouse Films

With such overwhelming success from the first season, many have been waiting in anticipation for the next season of Yellowstone. Paramount’s western drama was one of the standout series of 2018 and demand for the series has grown exponentially. The network has met that demand with a second season and a potential third that could start production soon. More importantly, subscribers have been wanting to know if Yellowstone is on Netflix. Sadly this isn’t the case, but allow us to explain why. 

Yellowstone is an American drama series created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. The series starring Oscar winner Kevin Costner had an incredible first outing when it debuted on the Paramount Network in June 2018. The series did so well in fact that it became the second most watched cable television series of 2018, only being defeated by AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The Dutton Ranch has been in the family for six generations and is the largest contiguous ranch in the entire US. But with so much land to their name, the Dutton family have constantly been faced threats from those that would seek to take that land from them. This fight now falls to John Dutton, the patriarch of the Dutton family. With the ever-growing number of threats facing the ranch, John must unite his children if they are to save it.

Is Yellowstone on Netflix US?

Nope, Yellowstone isn’t available to stream on Netflix.

In the US, Yellowstone is exclusive to the Paramount Network. If you wish to stream the series you’ll have to use the Paramount Network website as it isn’t licensed to any other streaming service.

The only way to stream Yellowstone outside of the Paramount Network is on Amazon Prime, but you will have to purchase episodes individually or the entire season as the series is not included within Prime’s subscription service.

The Dutton Family – Copyright. Linson Entertainment, Bosque Ranch Productions, and Treehouse Films

What about other regions?

While Yellowstone was one of the most watched TV series in the US in 2018, the western is relatively unknown outside of the States.

The series is yet to find a home outside of the US, and Netflix is unlikely to be home Yellowstone will have first.

In the United Kingdom, the Paramount Network has its own channel on subscription services such as Sky TV and Virgin. When Yellowstone does debut in the UK it should be on the Paramount Network. The series streaming home for the latest episodes will be on My5.

The Paramount Network is available in Canada but Yellowstone hasn’t debuted as of yet. As the popularity of the series increases in the US we can expect it to debut soon.

In Australia when Yellowstone debuts it will be available on Nine.

There’s still a chance that full seasons of Yellowstone could arrive on Netflix eventually. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any updates soon.

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