Love, Death & Robots Episode 18: The Secret War Ending Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the eighteenth and final episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to The Secret War. 

In the deep and cold forests of Siberia, an unholy evil lurks. Sent to fight back against the evil are the brave men of Red Army, tasked with putting an end to the unholy creatures.

Ending Explained

After learning that the ‘Ghouls’ were summoned by a Major tasked with investigating arcane peasant myths. Luitenant Zakharov tasks his troops with returning back to base so they can report their findings to their superiors. Along the way, they happen across a Ghoul barrow (nest). The size of the barrow is the biggest anyone had seen thus far, so it needed to be dealt with. When blowing up the barrow doesn’t succeed in sealing the creatures inside, Zakharov and his men must make a stand against the horde.

The Final Stand

Zakharov tasks his son with getting word back to their HQ that the entire area needs to be annihilated. Not wanting to seem like a coward Zakharov’s son initially refused, but for the greater good, he leaves. Zakharov and his men make a final stand against the ghouls. All the men are eventually dealt with by the ghouls, but not before the brave soldiers of the red army had taken out many of the foul beasts. As the last man standing Zakharov is able to use the explosive charge to blow up the mountainside.

The next morning we see the aftermath of the night’s battle. Corpses are being eaten and the ghouls wander the area. Soon the noise and the full might of the Russian air force is seen overhead, confirming Zakharov’s son had completed his mission. The bombardment begins as the squadron of Russian bombers unleashes hell upon the barrow of Ghouls.

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Deep in the Barrows

The Russian’s arcane investigation had led to many deaths for their men. Not to mention the deaths of many villages. While the barrow was perceived to be the biggest seen by the Red Army, this also means they’ve come across these Barrows before. A large portion of the Barrow was destroyed by the demolitions, but as it was buried so deep into the mountain there were still plenty of Ghouls remaining.

The bombardment from the Russian’s had likely destroyed many if not all of the Ghouls in that area. That’s not to say more haven’t been lurking elsewhere or deeper into the forests of Siberia. There’s also the matter of breeding, is there a queen that needs disposing of? Unlikely. The varied sizes of the Ghouls may have been a distinction between Male and Female Ghouls. So without the needs for a queen, the Ghouls can continue to spawn.

The battle was won but the secret war is far from over.

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