‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Soundtrack: Every Song from the Series

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lucifer season 5 soundtrack track listing

Lucifer soundtrack – Picture: Netflix / Warner Brothers

Lucifer season 5 part 1 is now on Netflix and once again, comes with a stellar soundtrack which we’ll be taking you through track by track below.

Season 5 is now on Netflix and has quickly broken the TV record by having the biggest debut weekend since the introduction of the Netflix top 10s.

Eileen Horta remains the series sound supervisor for the series with Benn Decter and Jeff Russo returning to produce music for the series including new original music.

Also on the Lucifer soundtrack front, Warner Brothers released some of the original music that has been produced between seasons 1-5. It includes titles such as Sinnerman, My Way, Luck Be a Lady, Eternal Flame and Fever all sung by its cast including Tom Ellis himself as well as Lauren German, Skye Townsend, Lesley-Ann Brandt and Lindsey Gort.

You can also find a big compilation of songs from seasons 1 through 5 in this YouTube clip below.

Full Song List for Lucifer Season 5 Part 1

Episode 1 – “Really Sad Devil Guy” Tracklist

  • Shake That Bottle – Deorro, Hektor Mass
  • With Me – Uplink & Reece Lemonius
  • No Limits – Royal Deluxe
  • All Wet – Bosco Rogers
  • Tiger in a Cage – Danny Ayer
  • Meet in the Middle – Mr. Irrelevant
  • Higher – Bhavior
  • Champions – Fire Choir
  • Happy Together – King Princess & Mark Ronson

Episode 2 – “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!” Tracklist

  • Atomise – Temples
  • Are U Ready? – Robert Edwards
  • Warrior – Las Palmas
  • Feels so Good – Freja Nyberg
  • When I Get My Hands On You – The New Basement Tapes
  • On the Run – Timecop1983
  • Darkside – Oshins, Hael

Episode 3 – “¡Diablo!” Tracklist

  • System of the Clown – Martin Tillman, William V. Malpede
  • Are You Ready? – Kat Meoz
  • We Are Legends – Valley of Wolves
  • Don’t Let Me Down – Stella and the Storm
  • So What – Jay Pryor (Tim Hox Remix)
  • Bandung Hum – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Episode 4 – “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken” Tracklist

  • The Hurry Up – The Heath and His Orchestra
  • I Want to be Evil – Lesley-Ann Brandt
  • Someone to Watch Over Me – Lesley Ann-Brandt
  • This Is Ours – Peter Sivo Band

Episode 5 – “Detective Amenadiel” Tracklist

  • Candy – Iggy Pop
  • Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode
  • Glorious – Louis II
  • Paradise – Anderson Rocio
  • This Year’s Love – Jasmine Thompson

Note: as stated by the music supervisor, the piece of music played by Lucifer on piano during the episode is “a piece of original music from our composers, Ben Decter and Jeff Russo.”.

Episode 6 – “BluBallz” Tracklist

  • The Realness Lucifer Mix – Pexxa
  • Recon – Bodytalkr featuring Lil Big Head
  • Resonance – Modulation
  • Flo – Modulation
  • Tether Me – Galleaux

Episode 7 – “Our Mojo” Tracklist

  • Are You Ready – Grand Mystic
  • Power – Sons of Legion
  • Electric Lady – Wine Lips
  • Bad – Royal Deluxe
  • Round and Round – Cannons
  • Inside – Chris Avantgarde & Red Rosamond

Episode 8 – “Spoiler Alert” Tracklist

  • The End of the World – Sharon Van Etten
  • The Untold – Secession Studios
  • One Hundred Strings – Secession Studios
  • Persecution – Secession Studios
  • Lucifer’s Waltz – Secession Studios

The majority of these songs can be found in this excellent compilation playlist.

With thanks to TuneFind for a lot of songs featured above.

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