‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2: Everything We Know So Far

Our big preview looking into everything known about the final season of Manifest on Netflix.

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manifest season 4 part 2 everything we know so far

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Manifest is returning for one last batch of episodes with episodes 11 through 20 of season 4 set to debut on Netflix in 2023. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming final season of Manifest.

This post is an extension of the main Manifest season 4 preview we compiled and updated throughout 2021 and 2022. It’s worth reading that post as we covered Netflix’s revival timeline of the show plus information on the first half of the final season.

As a quick recap, Manifest was destined to be canceled by NBC after concluding its third season on the network. Then after a surprise license to Netflix, the show’s popularity exploded over the summer of 2021, eventually leading to the show’s final season renewal exclusively at Netflix.

Seasons 1 to 4 are streaming in most regions worldwide, with a notable exception being Netflix in the United Kingdom which only has access to season 4.

How well did Manifest Season 4 Part 1 perform on Netflix?

Before we look into what’s coming up in the final ten episodes, let’s quickly see how well the show performed.

Between October 30th and December 11th, season 4, part 1, picked up 215.09 million hours in the top global 10s.

Here’s how that breaks down weekly:

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
October 30th, 2022 to November 6th, 2022 57,060,000 1 1
November 6th, 2022 to November 13th, 2022 74,780,000 (+31%) 2 2
November 13th, 2022 to November 20th, 2022 35,730,000 (-52%) 3 3
November 20th, 2022 to November 27th, 2022 21,600,000 (-40%) 5 4
November 27th, 2022 to December 4th, 2022 15,380,000 (-29%) 7 5
December 4th, 2022 to December 11th, 2022 10,540,000 (-31%) 10 6

You can find a full breakdown of Manifest seasons 1-4 hourly performance on Netflix here.

According to FlixPatrol, following the release of Manifest season 4’s first ten episodes, the show stayed in the top 10s from November 5th through to the new year, meaning the show has now spent (at the time of publishing) 389 days in the TV top 10s.

Season 4, part 1 notably has a 100% RottenTomatoes critics rating and continued strong reviews from audiences.

Has Manifest Season 4 Part 2 been filmed?

Filming for season 4, part 2, took place sometime after part 1 wrapped in April 2022. After a hiatus of a few months, filming picked back up again on part 2 in June 2022.

As per previous seasons, filming for the final season took place primarily in New York.

The final table read for Manifest season 4 for episode 20 took place on September 21st, 2022.

Filming then took place throughout the second half of 2022, with filming coming to an end in early-to-mid October 2022.

What to expect from Manifest Season 4 Part 2

Before digging into where part 2 is headed, here’s a quick recap of the events of “Inversion Illusion,” the 10th episode of season 4:

During the fight of the final episode, the Sapphire shatters, and the US Government initiates an Emergency Order to detain all 828 passengers until further notice. A Registry team, led by Dr. Gupta, breaks into Vance’s lab while Zeke (who will not return in part 2) sacrifices to save Cal from leukemia. In the end, Angelina manages to escape with a piece of the Omega Sapphire stuck in her hand.

The closing scene of Manifest midseason finale ultimately saw the town rupturing, giving off major Stranger Things vibes.

Moving into the new final batch of episodes, Cal is clearly the key to being humanity’s only shot at saving humanity. At the same time, Angelina has emerged from the wreckage even more powerful than before.

Speaking to EW, showrunner Jeff Rake said that the “second half [of season 4] is much more about the community of 828 passengers,” adding “Without giving away too much, we’ll be focused every episode on that larger community throughout the second block all the way up to the Death Date. It used to be 191 passengers. We’ve lost a few along the way. Now, will Ben and Michaela and Cal and Olive be at the center of that? They will be. We’ve talked about Ben and Michaela being the co-captains of the lifeboat of these passengers, and this final block will allow us to showcase them in that role more than ever, because they’ll be interacting with that community of passengers every day, every episode.”

Matt Long as Zeke Landon Matt Long as Zeke Landon in Manifest Season 04. Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04

Matt Long as Zeke Landon, Matt Long as Zeke Landon in Manifest Season 04. Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone in Manifest Season 04

Netflix’s Still Watching Netflix account has uploaded a cast reaction to the season 4 part 1 cliffhanger.

Jeff Rake breaks down the cliffhanger at the end by saying, “It’s not just about the 191 passengers,” adding, “we discover it’s about the whole world. These heroes and villains now realize that everything going on is much more important than just them, so the stakes are way up.”

Josh Dallas teased the final batch of episodes to TV Line, saying, “where our characters end up is going to be surprising.”

He added, “For Ben, and for the rest of the Stone family, I think there is an element of trying to understand Angelina’s darkness to understand their own goodness and understand where her motivation and anger comes from. Ben tries to do that to figure out his own place in this story.”

Netflix Life spoke to a couple of actors from the show about the final half of season 4 and asked Daryl Edwards if he was surprised where his character ends up by the end of season 4 to which he responded:

“I was completely surprised. We did a table read and our director and showrunner pointed out something that I had missed and I was more shocked. I think you all are going to be rocked by the ending.”

Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Episode Titles, Writers & Directors

Thanks to script reveals on social media, the WGA, and supersleuths, we’ve already been able to piece together most of the writers and directors for season 4, part 2 of Manifest, with two episode titles revealed thus far too.

Here’s a breakdown of those episode titles thus far:

  • Episode 411 – TBD
    • Written by: Jeff Rake & Simran Baidwan
    • Directed by: Romeo Tirone
  • Episode 412 – TBD
    • Written by: Margaret Easley & Darika Fuhrmann
    • Directed by Romeo Tirone
  • Episode 413 – TBD
    • Written by: Matt K. Turner & Sumerah Srivastav
    • Directed by: SJ Main Muñoz
  • Episode 414 – Fata Morgana
    • Written by: MW Cartozian Wilson and Ryan Martinez
    • Directed by: Claire Fowler
  • Episode 415 – TBD 
    • Written by: Laura Putney & Ezra W. Nachman
    • Directed by: Romeo Tirone
  • Episode 416 – TBD 
    • Written by: Matt K. Turner & Darika Fuhrmann
  • Episode 417 – TBD 
    • Written by: MW Cartozian Wilson & Sumerah Srivastav
    • Director by: Bosede Williams
  • Episode 418 – Lift/Drag
    • Written by: Ezra W. Nachman & Ryan Martinez
    • Directed by: Melissa Roxburgh
  • Episode 419 – TBD
    • Written by: Written by: Simran Baidwan & Margaret Easley
    • Directed by Melissa Roxburgh
  • Episode 420 – TBD
    • Written by: Laura Putney & Jeff Rake
    • Directed by: Romeo Tirone

When will Manifest Season 4 Part 2 release on Netflix?

No exact release date for Manifest season 4 part 2 has been released thus far, although we definitely know it’s coming out in 2023.

The closest we’ve come to an exact release date was via Jeff Rake on a watch-along of season 4, part 1, when he revealed that they’re aiming for “Block two” to release in Spring 2023.

As a rough timeline, Spring 2023 is scheduled to start on March 20th and end on June 21st, 2023.

Of course, we’ve seen announcements for the show coincide with dates within the show. One big upcoming date that the show is aiming for is June 2nd, 2024. We don’t think the show will release in 2024 but Spring 2023 certainly means we could see season 4, part 2, released on June 2nd, 2023.

Watch this space.

Could there be a season 5 of Manifest?

Right now, the answer looks to be no. When the series was revived, it was done so to bring the overarching storyline to a close.

Showrunner Jeff Rake has also told TVLine that by the end of episode 20, all your questions will be answered, saying:

“You can expect us to return to lots of our open-ended Easter eggs and us answering [all the remaining questions] as many as possible; I’m hoping that you’ll find that we answered them all.”

With all that said, stranger things have happened. After all, Lucifer was given a supersized final season and was eventually renewed for an additional final season.

Are you looking forward to the final part of Manifest coming to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2: Everything We Know So Far

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