Vikings: Valhalla Netflix Mobile Game Releases on Android and iOS

The multiplayer game ties in with the Netflix series.

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vikings valhalla releases on netflix games

Picture: Netflix / Emerald City Games

Vikings: Valhalla is the latest Netflix series to get a spin-off game released on mobile. 

Available now on both iOS and Google Play, the new game ties in with the Netflix series that’s been on our screens since February 2022. The game is just over 100MB and is rated PEGI 12 for moderate violence and mild swearing. As per all Netflix games, you need an active Netflix membership to play and the game features no advertisements or microtransactions.

Per the official description of the game, you’ll be earning your place among the gods in this strategy RPG game that’ll have you building settlements and leading raids against rivals.

Featuring many familiar characters established in the Netflix series, here are the features of the game:

“• Assemble your warband: Recruit new Viking warriors and townsfolk to join your fight for revenge and glory.

• Upgrade your arsenal: Build a variety of facilities, unlock siege weapons and military tactics, and upgrade your longship to expand your reach on the battle map.

• Benefit from alliances: Forge alliances with other players, engage in trade and earn resources at the market.

• Unlock an all-new storyline: Progress through the game’s campaign mode and live out an epic story of betrayal and revenge.

• Battle alongside favorite characters from the show: Join forces with Harald, Freydis and Leif on your quest for revenge and power.”

Emerald City Games is behind the new title, and this marks their second game released exclusively on Netflix following Tomb Raider Reloaded, which was released on February 14th of this year. The Canadian-based studio was founded in 2008 and has also previously worked on Lionheart: Dark Moon, Stormblades, and Sacred Seasons.

The release of Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix Games brings the total number of playable games on the platform to 74, with other recent releases being WrestleQuest, Samurai Shodown, and LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed.

Still to come in 2023 include Netflix Stories: Love is Blind, Storyteller, Minion Masters, and Shadow and Bone: Destinies. Scheduled to arrive on Netflix Games in 2024 include Paper Trail, Crashlands 2, and Monument Valley.

Of course, the show the game is based on is coming back for one last season, too. That’s scheduled to touch down at some point in 2024.  We’ve got more on Vikings: Valhalla season 3 in our full preview for the new season.

Before we go, here are a few screenshots of the new game in action:

vikings valhalla netflix game battle gameplay 1 leif eriksson in vikings valhalla netflix games 1

vikings valhalla netflix gameplay 1

Are you playing Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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