What Happened to The Furchester Hotel on Netflix?

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The Furchester Hotel

The Furchester Hotel is no longer on Netflix to the annoyance of countless parents in the United States. Why has The Furchester Hotel departed Netflix, will it be returning and if not, where will it stream next? Let’s take a look. 

Sesame Street is a staple in many kids childhoods and the successful series has seen many spinoffs and iterations throughout the years. One of those spinoffs was the second British title named The Furchester Hotel. It was produced for Cbeebies and ran across three seasons and contained over 100 episodes.

Set in a dainty hotel, we see some familiar faces including Elmo and the Cookie Monster who solve guest problems at the hotel.

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The series had been streaming on Netflix since February 2017 before being removed on February 1st, 2020.

For those unaware, Netflix doesn’t own most of the content on its library. In most cases, Netflix licenses out the series and movies from the copyright holders for fixed periods of time.

Where is The Furchester Hotel streaming next?

Up until February 2020, Netflix was the only location to watch The Furchester Hotel and isn’t available on any video-on-demand services or to our knowledge, physical media either.

We reached out to BBC Studios who are the main distributors for the series who informed us although they distribute the series in some locations, they don’t in the United States. They outlined the following to us:

Although this series was produced in association with the BBC, BBC Studios does not hold the distribution rights for America and so we don’t have any information about international availability.

In the US, the series looks like its distributed by Universal Kids. We’ve reached out to Universal to find out the streaming plans but have yet to hear a response.

We are, however, currently expecting The Furchester Hotel to be part of the Peacock lineup when it launches in a couple of months. It’s worth noting it hasn’t explicitly been mentioned to be part of the lineup.

We’ll keep this post updated as we learn more.

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What Happened to The Furchester Hotel on Netflix?

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