When is The Walking Dead Season 8 on Netflix?

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Season 9 of The Walking Dead is just around the corner on AMC and Netflix has finally announced when season 8 of The Walking Dead will be streaming on Netflix. We can also confirm that you will definitely be able to catch up before season 9 starts airing on AMC.

Netflix themselves haven’t really explored the zombie genre as such so The Walking Dead fills a big hole that’d otherwise be vacant. The other big series that uses zombies is Z Nation which is currently waiting for its fourth season to join Netflix. The series has always enjoyed being on Netflix as well as plenty of other AMC shows but newer shows from AMC tend to go elsewhere by default. The Walking Dead has survived and continues to stay on Netflix but the newer show in the franchise, Fear The Walking Dead isn’t available on Netflix.

Season 8 was one of the most intense seasons to date. That’s despite getting poor reviews and a massive fallout since with key members of cast announcing their retirements from the show. Negan is what is keeping this show alive at this point and he continues with a stellar performance in season 8.


Due to the nature of this show and how many slower episodes, watching on Netflix simply makes sense as you’re able to blend the fast moments with the slow in one collective binge. Let’s find out when you’ll be able to start said binge below.

Season 8 Netflix Release Date

Note: This only applies to Netflix in the United States

Every year, Netflix releases the latest season of The Walking Dead routinely in September meaning that season 8 of The Walking Dead will be on Netflix on September 24th. Why not sooner? That’s just the way the deal was set up and has worked like this for the past several years. Last year, season 7 was added in the first week of September. AMC adds their shows to act as a promotion which is why it releases on Netflix shortly before a new season airs on AMC.

Will The Walking Dead Leave Netflix?

As you may know, 2017 has been a bit of a rough year for shows from other providers on Netflix with Fox and FX pulling their library. AMC tends to release their titles on Hulu now unless a deal is struck with the most recent example being Better Call Saul.

We do, however, have good news about The Walking Dead’s future on Netflix. So long as AMC keeps producing seasons for the show, Netflix will continue getting them. This snippet of information was released in an investor chat where they broke down the details of the AMC agreement.

Are you watching The Walking Dead on AMC or will you be waiting until next September? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you love other AMC shows, check out the list of AMC titles coming in 2018.

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