Is ‘The Legend of Korra’ Coming to Netflix Globally?

legend of korra not coming to netflix globally

The Legend of Korra – Picture: Nickelodeon

Millions of fans will be looking forward to Friday when The Legend of Korra is scheduled to touch down on Netflix. But, it won’t be coming to Netflix globally. The Legend of Korra seasons 1-4 are only currently scheduled to arrive in the United States.

In case you weren’t aware, The Legend of Korra is the wildly successful follow-up TV series to Avatar: The Last Airbender (which is now available in the majority of Netflix regions around the world). It originally aired back on Nickelodeon between 2012 and 2014.

So where’s the confusion here? Well, partly because it was announced on Netflix’s See What’s Next Twitter account. That account is set up to deliver news and is often Netflix’s primary way of promoting Originals. However, it also shares news about content that is exclusive to the US too, such as The Legend of Korra news.

NXonNetflix which often Tweets about global titles also shared the next but also included the caveat that it was US only. However, that’s not stopped media outlets sharing the headline without the caveats.

Other regions August 2020 lists such as the ones we host here including Netflix UK, CA, AU and other lists like Netflix Netherlands do not mention The Legend of Korra.

This doesn’t mean that The Legend of Korra won’t ever come to Netflix internationally. In fact, the possibility of it happening is now higher than ever with the US licensing it.

In the case of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Netflix US was one of the last countries to stream it and had to wait for the license rights to become available and we suspect it may be the same case here. Unfortunetely, it’s hard (near on impossible) for us to put an actual date on this.

Where is The Legend of Korra streaming outside the United States?

Let’s quickly take a look at where the series is streaming right now in case you cannot wait for it to hit Netflix where you live.

In the United Kingdom, the four seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video.

In Canada, there are no streaming options other than premium video-on-demand services. Australians can find the series on Stan with four seasons with Amazon Prime carrying one season.

For other countries, we’d suggest using a service like JustWatch that is able to easily tell you where the show is available.

We have reached out to Netflix for clarification regarding The Legend of Korra and are yet to hear back officially from the Netflix PR email.

Netflix Customer Services, on the other hand, referred us to the title request form and an article regarding how licensing works on Netflix.

Are you sad that The Legend of Korra will not be coming to Netflix globally on Friday? Let us know in the comments down below.