Netflix Surpasses 1500 Netflix Originals

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Netflix has surpassed another record milestone. The Netflix US library now has over 1,500 Netflix Originals within. Netflix Originals now make up roughly 25% of the entire Netflix US library which still consists mainly of licensed content. 

The last time we documented a big milestone for Netflix Originals was back in March 2019 where we reported Netflix had crossed the 1,000 Netflix Original mark. That means it’s roughly taking 11 months for Netflix to add another 500 new Originals. In fact, in all, Netflix added over 600 new Originals in 2019. It was one of the biggest years for new Netflix Originals with the introduction of huge titles like The Witcher joining.

According to our records, Netflix now has 1506 Netflix Originals as of February 6th with 5849 titles total streaming on Netflix in the US.

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The over 1500 number does come with a caveat though. A Netflix Original isn’t quite the same thing around the world. For example, The Good Place is technically a Netflix Original around the world with the exception of the United States. We’ve always said there are four types of Netflix Original and this skews the numbers depending on where you live.

When you combine the US and UK Netflix Originals list, for example, you come out at 1599 titles in total. Some British shows (ie Peaky Blinders) being Original to the US whereas some US shows (ie Better Call Saul) being Original to the UK.

Don’t expect the numbers to slow down

Netflix is continuing to invest heavily in its library with 2020 once again breaking its spending records with an estimated $17.3 billion being spent this year with that increasing to $26 billion in 2028.

According to IMDbPRO at least 421 new titles are currently in production for Netflix to distribute which doesn’t include any returning series.

Quality over quantity?

You may have heard Bob Iger in recent weeks explain that Disney+’s strategy would be to work on the notion of quality over quantity but that, unfortunetely, isn’t what the data currently suggests. According to BGR in December 2019, Netflix still has more quality movies when compared to its counterparts whether that be Disney+, HBO or Hulu.

Netflix continues to invest in quality titles and IP but perhaps, more importantly, talent. It has huge deals in place with some of the industry’s top talent as we list in our output deals list.

You can find a full list of Netflix Originals for the US right here plus we’ve got lists for the complete list of movies and a complete list of TV series here.

Netflix Surpasses 1500 Netflix Originals

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