Netflix Surpasses 1,000 Netflix Originals in the US

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Netflix now has over 1,000 individual Netflix Originals in its library in the United States alone with that number much larger if you consider international distribution deals elsewhere. 

We’ve been collecting data on Netflix since 2013 when Netflix first announced it’d be producing its own exclusive content. At the time, Netflix was wholly reliant on third parties for its content but the landscape of streaming was changing and as such, Netflix had to adapt.

Netflix Originals are basically classed as where Netflix exclusively shows said title. For example, Better Call Saul is classed as a Netflix Original outside of the United States despite AMC producing it.

The 1,000 Netflix Originals includes a wide range of content whether that be movies, TV series, stand-up specials, music concerts or talk shows. A lot of the content isn’t spoken in English either with Netflix picking up many hundreds of foreign movies and TV series that either includes English dubs or subtitles.

Netflix Originals now represent roughly a 1/6th of the Netflix library in the United States with there currently being 6,000 titles available on the service.

In total, however, there are 572 Netflix Original movies across the world both including upcoming and currently available movies. 198 stand-up specials and 879 series either in production or released right now. That brings Netflix’s overall tally of Netflix Originals up to 1,649.

This number is only set to increase over time. This year alone we counted 150 updates or debuts to new TV series plus over dozens of movies planned for release this year too.

On the flipside, it’s clear that Netflix Originals are slowly replacing any lost content from other providers. 2019 is set to see a big shakeup in the streaming world with Disney and Warner Brothers releasing services and further fractures with Amazon and Hulu picking up exclusive content too.

Remember, you can browse all of the Netflix Originals available in the United States on our Netflix Originals A-Z area.

We thought we’d landmark the magnificent achievement of Netflix hitting 1,000 Originals in the space of 6 years. We look forward to covering the announcement of the next milestone of 2,000 Original titles which at the current rate, will be a lot less than 6 years of waiting.

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