‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2: Coming to Netflix July 2020

The Umbrella Academy – Picture: Netflix

The Umbrella Academy has quickly become one of Netflix’s biggest shows that looks to replace the outgoing Defenders from Marvel. The Umbrella Academy quickly saw a season two renewal, but when will it be on Netflix? Where is production up to and who’s starring in season two? Let’s take a look.

The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix Original series based on the comics of the same name by creator Gerard Way. The concept for The Umbrella Academy came to Gerard while touring with My Chemical Romance. In between the gigs and concerts, he began to write his own superhero universe.

The first issue was released on September 19th, 2007. Illustrator Gabriel Ba designed the beautiful and unique look to the comic series. Upon the release, the adaption has been well received by fans and critics alike. Fans are already demanding the release of season 2.

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When will The Umbrella Academy Season two release on Netflix?

After an incredibly long and patient wait for The Umbrella Academy season 2, Netflix has finally confirmed that the second season will be coming to Netflix on July 31st, 2020!

Season One Character Recap: The Umbrella Academy Season Two

Forty-three babies are inexplicably born at the same time on the same day, to mothers on the previous day were not pregnant. Seven of the 43 are adopted by billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Believing them to be the future saviors of Earth, he trains them to become superheroes. Sir Reginald named the children by the numerical order of use. The team eventually separate and go their own ways. Many years later, the team unwillingly reunite after the death of Sir Reginald.

#1 Luther

Most of the season Luther (#1) investigates the death of Sir Reginald. We learn that Luther’s hulking body became the way it is after a mission went disastrously wrong. To save him, he was injected with a serum that gave him a gorilla-like body. Learning his mission to the moon was pointless, Luther gets drunk for the first time and loses his virginity.

Before #5 time traveled a second time from The Commission, Luther and Allison admit their feelings for each other. By the end of the first season, Luther tries to take a more hands-on approach to leadership.

Tom Hopper as #1 ‘Spaceboy’ – Copyright Netflix

#2 Diego

Diego was highly protective of their android mother and refused to believe her involvement with Sir Reginald’s death. He eventually disabled her, but she was put back together by Pogo. After the death of his ex-girlfriend Patch, Diego was out for revenge against Cha-Cha and Hazel for killing her.

Diego would help his siblings throughout the season with their own personal issues. He would later be arrested for being the prime suspect in Patch’s murder. Due to Hazel’s change of heart, Diego was given the guns that would clear his name.

David Castaneda as #2 ‘The Kraken’ – Copyright Netflix

3# Allison

Allison had recently separated from her husband. He had witnessed Allison using her powers of ‘rumors’ to put their daughter to sleep. She had the most interactions with Vanya #7 throughout the season.

Although their relationship started out hostile, she eventually wanted to become a good sister to Vanya. She would be at odds with her sister due to her distrust of Vanya’s new boyfriend Leonard. Her suspicions were confirmed but after confronting Vanya about Leonard she almost loses her life. Her vocal cords were cut and can no longer use her powers.

Emmy Raver Lampman as #3 ‘The Rumour’ – Copyright Netflix

#4 Klaus

Klaus was a drug addict so he could suppress his powers of seeing the undead. His deceased brother Ben (#6) began haunting him in spite of the drugs. Klaus would be kidnapped by Cha-Cha and Hazel but would later escape and use their briefcase to time travel.

Spending 10 months in the Vietnam war, Klaus would fall in love with a soldier David, before tragically witnessing his death. Making his way back to the present Klaus would continue to use drugs but successfully kicked them after he was punched in the face by Ben. Thus his powers were stronger. He would later communicate with Sir Reginald and learned of their father’s death. Sir Reginald committed suicide as a means to bring the team back together.

Robert Sheehan as #4 ‘The Seance’


#5 as a child had gone missing and was not seen for many years. He had, in fact, traveled to the future and was stuck there for many years, unable to return. Upon he arriving he witnessed the apocalyptic wasteland of the future and spent many years by himself, with only a mannequin named Dolores to accompany him. #5 was approached by the Handler and offered a job at the Commission. Accepting the job he became the agency’s best assassin. After a change of heart, he has traveled back to the present to inform the team of the impending apocalypse.

#5 would spend most of the season trying to figure out how to stop the apocalypse and was at odds with the Commission. In the finale, he would use his powers to time travel himself and the team back to when they were teenagers.

Aidan Gallagher as #5 ‘The Boy’ – Copyright Netflix

6# Ben

Ben had tragically died some years before the events of the first season. He could only be seen by Klaus and would spend his time arguing with his brother trying to convince him to stop taking drugs. Ben was able to stop Klaus taking drugs by punching his brother. They tried to recreate the moment but no avail.

When the Academy was being destroyed by Vanya (#7), Ben would save Diego from being crushed when Klaus’ powers allow him to touch others. Klaus’ true powers would be revealed when Ben is summoned by Klaus to attack the soldiers from the commission.

Justin Hong as #6 ‘The Horror’ – Copyright Netflix

#7 Vanya

Vanya was led to believe her entire life she was without powers. Her deranged boyfriend Leonard out for revenge against the Umbrella Academy for his mistreatment as a child and his jealousy of his lack of powers would manipulate Vanya. Finding Sir Reginald’s book he discovered that Vanya not only had powers but was the most powerful of the 7. Sir Reginald feared her destructive powers and lack of control.

Vanya was at odds with her family, especially her sister Allison who was suspicious of Leonard. She would almost kill Allison after slicing her throat in a fit of rage upon learning that Allison had used her powers to suppress Vanya’s when they were children. Leonard would also die at her hands when Vanya learns of his deception. #5 comes to the realization that Vanya is the cause of the apocalypse thanks to her destructive powers.

Vanya would destroy the Academy when her siblings attempted to imprison her. Vanya would attend the concert she had been practicing for and would produce a deadly and beautiful performance. Her power would dye her suit, her skin, and violin white. Her siblings were successful in stopping her but not before she released a giant surge of energy that would destroy the moon thus causing the apocalypse.

Ellen Page as #7 ‘The White Violin’ – Copyright Netflix

Cast for The Umbrella Academy Season Two

Most of the cast will be returning for season two including all the numbered heroes.

Brand new cast members that will star in the next season of The Umbrella Academy were confirmed in September 2019 including Ritu Arya, Yusuf Gatewood, and Marin Ireland.

Here’s who the new cast members are set to play:

RoleCast MemberWhere Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?Character Description
Lila PittsRitu AryaHumans, Sherlock, DaphneA chameleon whos’s as colorful as she is insane. Highly unpredictable, sarcastic and a schemer, Lila has a twisted sense of humor
RaymondYusuf GatewoodThe Originals, Good Omens, Wonder BoysNaturally confident and charismatic, he can disarm you with just a look. A devoted husband, everyone loves him and wants to know him
SissyMarin IrelandHell or High Water, Homeland, Glass ChinA no-nonsense and fearless young Texan mother eager to rediscover what life and love have to offer her.

In addition to the new cast members above, thanks to IMDb we know about some of the smaller new characters. Kevin B Hartley is listed as playing a character by the name of MJ12#1. Marium Carvell as Vernetta, John Fray as Jerry Cooper and Molly Lewis as Ghost Girl.

What’s the plot for The Umbrella Academy Season Two?

The apocalypse came and destroyed the world as it was expected but the Umbrella Academy was able to escape. Thanks to the powers of #5 he reverted all the members of the Umbrella Academy back into teenagers and transported them back in time.

With years to prepare for the apocalypse, they can be united together as a team to stop their impending doom. Assuming #7 Vanya ‘The White Violin’ remembers the events prior to the events of the concert then she is going to be an incredibly angry teenager.

Now that the rest of the family knows of her powers they can stop Dr Hargreaves from hiding them from Vanya and actually train her. If the team stays reunited after traveling back in time then Dr Hargreeves will have no reason to commit suicide.

The teenage versions of The Umbrella Academy – Copyright Netflix

Meanwhile, the Commission won’t easily be stopped and will likely send some of their best agents after the Umbrella Academy. If season 2 is to explore the story from the third volume then Hotel Oblivion will likely appear. In the comics, Hotel Oblivion is a prison created by Dr Hargreeves that houses the villains captured by the Umbrella Academy. Doctor Terminal is rumored to reside within the prison and is one of the Academy’s greatest adversaries.

Hotel Oblivion in the comics – Copyright Dark Horse Comics, Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba

Will The Umbrella Academy season two follow the comics?

There are some considerable differences between the comics and TV series adaptation. The first season loosely covers the events of the first two volumes of The Umbrella Academy (The Apocalypse Suite and Dallas). In a discussion with Indiewire creator, Gerard Way and showrunner Steve Blackman discussed the relationship between the comics and the series. Gerard Way has been working on the third volume known as Hotel Oblivion which the second season is expected to be based upon.

Future Plans

After researching the comics, there are still some plot points that the series could still work into the second season from the first two volumes. With Gerard’s intention for the comics to stay ahead of the show, Blackman should have plenty of source material at hand to use. In the event that the show surpasses the comics, Gerard has given Blackman an 18-page document that details the narrative of the comics. Blackman and Gerard had the following to say about the working relationship between the series and comics:

Gerard Way:

“It’s cool because Steve is super respectful of the source material and asks me questions and sometimes, he’ll ask me to help solve problems. Then, at the same time, he’s going, and because there’s mutual respect, he’s going and making changes and I’m supporting those changes. I want him to feel free to tell the story he wants.”

Steve Blackman:

“The goal is not to diverge. Not everything translates from the graphic novel page to the screen, but there’s a legion of fans and I want to bring in a whole new legion of fans who’ve never read the graphic novel, so the goal is not to just go off in our own direction. I like Gerard and Gabriel’s ideas so much, the goal is keep on trucking behind them, beside them. Things will deviate, but the goal is to try to be true to the source material.”



The Apocalypse Suit (Left) Dallas (Right) – Copyright Dark Horse Comics, Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba

Season three has already been confirmed

One of our sources has confirmed that The Umbrella Academy has already been renewed for a third season at Netflix.

The streaming service has yet to confirm the news but taking into consideration the popularity of the series, not to mention the level of source material ripe for adaptation, renewal was bound to happen.

What is the production status of season two?

Filming started for season two on June 17th where it was operating under the working title of Mercury. The second season wrapped up in November 2019.

The filming schedule was set to end on November 15th, 2019 but it wasn’t until November 25th, 2019 we got confirmation from Netflix’s France account that filming had concluded. Their tweet below translates to: “Shooting of The Umbrella Academy season two is finished”.

In March 2020, we got our first screen of season two with Steve Blackman (the showrunner) showing off the editing suite. Despite many Netflix Original productions on hold due to Coronavirus, The Umbrella Academy S2 is full steam ahead.

Steve Blackman TV on Instagram

Episode Count for The Umbrella Academy Season Two

The second season of The Umbrella Academy will also have ten episodes.

Episode one is entitled: “Right Back Where We Started” and is written by Steve Blackman and directed by Sylvain White.

Has Netflix released a trailer yet?

We’re still a while away before a teaser or trailer comes from Netflix.

Instead, if you’re looking for your fill of The Umbrella Academy, the wonderful team over at The Hillywood Show has done a hilarious job of putting together a parody documentary about Number 5 and the Hargreeves family.

The closest we’ve come to see any glimpse of season two so far came in the form of various posters released in February 2020.

Other The Umbrella Academy News

  • In December 2019, Netflix released a few lists of its most popular new content of the year. The Umbrella Academy ranked at number nine in the top 10 most popular releases in the United States.

Most popular new content – Netflix

  • A spin-off comic book series to The Umbrella Academy was announced back in February 2020. Entitled ‘You Look Like Death’ the first comic is due out in June and mainly focuses on Klaus.
  • In 2020, Gerard Way is set to tour the world with his band My Chemical Romance although whether that is still going to happen with Coronavirus infecting the world remains to be seen.
  • In February 2020, Steve Blackman and his production company Borderline Entertainment struck a first look output deal with Netflix.

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