When will ‘Heartland’ Season 16 be on Netflix US?

Most regions of Netflix are already streaming season 16 but Netflix US has a bit longer to wait.

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when will heartland season 16 be on netflix us

Heartland season 16 – Picture: CBC

Heartland remains a big fan-favorite on Netflix, streaming the show in most regions worldwide. Netflix US just got hold of season 15, but it will be a while before you get season 16, while everywhere else is now waiting for season 17. Here’s the upcoming release schedule for Heartland season 16 on Netflix.

If you’re looking for a show to binge that’ll keep you busy with 10s of hours of entertainment, there’s perhaps no better place to start than Heartland. Closing in on 250 episodes, it’s a great family drama, although depending on where you live, you may not be able to start watching the show from the beginning on Netflix.

Most regions of Netflix worldwide stream Heartland, but not everywhere has full access to the show.

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When will season 16 of Heartland be on Netflix in other regions?

Announced in June 2022, season 16 of the show returned with an expanded 15-episode count (up from 10 episodes from the past few seasons).

It premiered in Canada on CBC and CBC Gem starting on October 2nd in 2022 ultimately concluding its run on February 5th, 2023.

heartland season 16 renewal cbc

Heartland season 16 renewal at CBC

Internationally, you received season 16 a few months after its finale date, with all those regions, such as Netflix UK, receiving season 16 of Heartland on May 17th, 2023.

heartland season 16 netflix uk release

Netflix UK release date for Heartland season 16

When will Heartland Season 16 be on Netflix in the US?

As we’ve covered for multiple years, the first-run US distribution rights for Heartland are with the cable network UP Faith & Family (they also have a streaming service), which’ll continue to be the case with season 16.

Season 16 begins its run in the US on June 1st on UP Faith & Family, with new episodes every Thursday, likely through early September 2023.

UP Faith & Family will retain the rights to season 16 for the next year or so, meaning that we’re not currently expecting season 16 of Heartland to be on Netflix until at least May 2024. Still, it could be even later if the rights go up until the final air date in the US, which would be in early September.

When will season 17 of Heartland be on Netflix?

We’re already tracking the availability of season 17 (which is confirmed by CBC, but no return date has been set at the time of publishing), with most regions of Netflix set to receive the show in 2024 and Netflix US in 2025.

Are you looking forward to seasons 15 and 16 of Heartland on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

When will ‘Heartland’ Season 16 be on Netflix US?

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