8 Best TV Shows Like Sweet Magnolias on Netflix

Shows to watch while you're waiting for Sweet Magnolias season 4!

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best shows like sweet magnolias on netflix

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Sweet Magnolias has earned its place on Netflix globally as one of the show’s best comfort shows. If you’ve already binged all the episodes of seasons 1, 2, and 3 and are waiting for season 4, here are seven other shows on Netflix that you should consider watching next and one on the horizon.

In case you missed it, Netflix has renewed Sweet Magnolias for a fourth season with showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson returning. Not much is known about the series’ fourth outing yet, but we’ll keep the link attached above updated throughout the development.

What are we looking for when looking for shows (or series, if you prefer) similar to Sweet Magnolias?

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  • Shows with a heavy focus on relationships
  • A great female ensemble cast
  • Sleepy towns!
  • A comfort show

1. Virgin River

Virgin River checks all the boxes, which is why it’s at the top of this list. It’s an adaptation of a book series, focuses on small-town life, and is ultimately a feel-good series. Five seasons have been released thus far, with a sixth on the way.

2. Call the Midwife

call the midwife season 12 netflix release

Picture: BBC

Moving into the realm of period dramas, we turn to the British series Call the Midwife, which is available on Netflix in the United States only – sorry, other regions!

Set in post-WWII London, the series, based on a book, primarily follows strong female characters navigating their careers during a time of significant social change.

Twelve seasons are available on Netflix in the States, with a 13th on the way.

3. Firefly Lane

firefly lane season 2 episode titles netflix

Picture: Netflix

Excellent leading ladies? Firefly Lane should 100% be on your radar. The series recently closed its story after two seasons with a satisfying ending. It’s set over the course of four decades and traces the friendship and bond of two women, Kate and Tully, who have to battle everything that comes their way.

Similarly to Sweet Magnolias, this series is also based on beloved novels, with Kristin Hannah being the author of this source material.

4. Heartland

early seasons heartland removed from netflix internationally

Need a show with a lot of episodes? Heartland is definitely worthy of that award, with 15 seasons available in total with, wait for it, over 250 episodes ready at your fingertips.

Set in a similarly visually stunning location to Sweet Magnolias and also an adaptation of novels, this series follows two sisters operating a family ranch that’s in terminal decline.

Season 16 of this show is on the way to Netflix in the near future.

5. On the Verge

on the verge similar to sweet magnolias netflix

Picture: Netflix

Elisabeth Shue and Julie Delpy headline this often overlooked female-led comedy-drama that’s about four friends in different lines of work battling their midlife crises.

Sadly, this show was only commissioned for a single season, with both distributors behind the show ultimately choosing not to give it a second-season renewal order. While a shame, we’d definitely still recommend giving the comedy a whirl.

6. Grace & Frankie

grace and frankie longest show on netflix

Picture: Netflix

Definitely leaning on the comedy side a lot more; this show, much like Sweet Magnolias, is all about lasting friendship. Coming from the minds of Howard J. Morris and Marta Kauffman, you’ll find Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin through their characters having to go on a journey of discovery in their later years having been dumped by their respective partners.

7. Northern Rescue

Northern Rescue, another Netflix Original series (in most countries, anyway), is a heartwarming Canadian series about a family trying to move forward after the tragic death of the mother.

Regrettably, the series only has one season on Netflix, and by all accounts, it seems unlikely that a second season will follow. That’s unfortunate because the show has amassed a large following on Netflix and had many more stories to explore. Despite not getting the ending it deserved, the episodes available are absolutely fantastic.

8. Ransom Canyon (coming soon)

ransom canyon netflix show

Book cover for Ransom Canyon

Now, looking forward, one title that you should absolutely have on your radar is Ransom Canyon, based on the beloved novels by Jodi Thomas.

We’re expecting plenty of picturesque sights in this new series that’s set in the enigmatic town of Ransom Canyon, where we follow Rancher Staten Kirkland and four families that converge, with everyone having their fair share of secrets.

These are the eight series we’ve picked that most viewers can watch; how about some movies?

Here are a few suggestions (all available on Netflix US; availability in other regions may vary):

  • The Healer
  • The Fundamentals of Caring
  • Our Souls at Night
  • Holiday in the Wild

Do you have more suggestions for your fellow Netflix viewers? Let us know in the comments!

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