‘You’ Season 3: Netflix Release Date & What We Know So Far

YOU – Picture: Netflix

After another excellent season of You, it should come as no surprise that Netflix has officially renewed You for a season 3. This is everything you need to know about season 3 of You including whether production is still on track given the Coronavirus outbreak, news, predictions and what to expect. 

In less than a month after its season 2 release, Netflix has confirmed its commitment to You, by renewing the popular psychological-crime drama for a third season. It shouldn’t come as any particular surprise given the second season was viewed by over 54 million people.

The second season saw a change of scenery for Joe, moving from the Big Apple that is New York to the Golden Coast of Los Angeles.

Changing his name to ‘Will’ it didn’t take long before his new muse arrived, Love Quinn. Despite his determination to change his murderous way, naturally, people just seemed to die around Joe. A climactic finale left fans wanting more, and thankfully Netflix will be providing the goods eventually.

Now let’s get into everything we know about season 3 of You.

What to expect from season 3 of You

Warning: Potentially huge spoilers for season 2.

The second season saw a huge twist at the end of the ninth episode when it was revealed that Love Quinn, had murdered Delilah. Joe was out Joe’d by Love when she revealed she had been following him and knew of his antics all along, but loved him all the same. She also revealed she framed her brother, Forty and killed his lover when they were teenagers.

Forty, unaware of his sister’s actions, attempted to protect her from Joe but ultimately lead to his death. Attempting to execute Joe, Forty was shot and killed by Officer Vasquez, who had followed Delilah’s sister to Anavrin. With Forty’s attempted murder and the Quinn’s money, Joe was wiped off the suspect list for Henderson’s death.

Moving to a home in the suburbs with a heavily pregnant Love, the third season is set up when Joe heavily hints his new muse will be his next-door neighbor.

Lead actor, Penn Badgley has stated that Joe will go looking to get back what was taken from him in his childhood.

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight about where the series head next (video embedded below) he unofficially suggests a third season is on the way.

With the books ending at two, a third season will see the largest leap yet away from the source material. Caroline Kepnes’ book Hidden Bodies was the inspiration for the story of the second season, and despite the series deterring from the main plot of the book, it was still a wealth of information on the characters. Caroline Kepnes’s only work since that release being Providence, a separate story altogether.

What else could we expect from season 3? We’re expecting it to keep with its increased love of violence which is partially allowed by Netflix’s freedom from advertisers. We’re expecting more big cameos such as Chris D’Elia who featured in season 2.

Showrunner Sera Gamble has stated that they do have plans for season 3 having said back in January 2019: “I will say that we have an idea for season three that is SO exciting that people talk about it in the [writer’s] room every day.”

The Tab has also put together an excellent list of a few of their theories for season 3.

You can also find plenty more theories on season 3 in the replies here.

Has You been renewed for season 3 at Netflix?

Official renewal status: Renewed (last updated: 01/14/2020)

According to our sources, season 3 of You was in “active development” shortly before it season 2 release date. Our sources also indicate that Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble will remain the showrunners for season 3 and it’s due to be filmed in California.

The series was given an official renewal on January 14th, 2020 with a short teaser. It mentions “New Year, New You”.

For season 3, the You writers now have their own Twitter account as of February 27th and will likely be chronicling their progress.

However, in March 2020 as the worldwide crisis of Coronavirus grips the world, filming could be put on hold. As of March 2020, the series third season is still in the writing phase and we’re expecting filming to get underway in the summer.

All of the writers are currently working from home as they shared on their collective Twitter account.

The renewal for You was helped by the amount of money that Netflix earned from tax breaks by filming in California for a third season.

In the tax credit list, it states that Horizon Scripted Television Inc remains the production company and they received $7.2M in credits. As Deadline points out, however, “Receiving a tax credit does not guarantee a renewal but it helps secure one as it makes a series more advantageous financially.”

When will season 3 of You release on Netflix?

The most important question of all.

When could we expect to see You season 3 on Netflix?

So far, only a broad 2021 release date has been announced. As we mentioned in our production tracking above, we’re expecting the series to be filmed over the summer but that’s naturally up in the air depending on how long the coronavirus outbreak lasts for.

For now, we’re sticking with a Q1 2021 You season 3 Netflix release date.

Are you looking forward to another season of You? Let us know in the comments.