‘Vikings’ Seasons 1-6 Coming to Netflix US & UK But Not Until 2024

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Vikings – Picture: MGM Television

Over the past year or so, Netflix in the majority of regions around the world has picked up the streaming license to MGM’s Vikings series with all six seasons available. There are two notable hold-outs with those being the UK and the US. That is expected to change based on new information seen by What’s on Netflix but not for quite some time.

A quick recap to bring you up to speed.

History Channel aired seasons 1 through 6A before Amazon Prime Video picked up the final season for release in the US. The series is produced by MGM Television who is the studio behind Netflix’s brand new spin-off series Vikings: Valhalla.

It was back in late 2019 when Netflix announced the spin-off would be coming to Netflix and was given a seemingly rare three-season upfront order.

Since that order, Netflix around the world has been acquiring the rights to the original Vikings series. Netflix Canada received the show in 2020 alongside Netflix Australia. Many European countries received the series back in early 2020 too.

The two notable holdouts has been Netflix in the United Kingdom and Netflix in the United States.

We’re told that Netflix is still currently due to receive all six seasons but not until 2024 and 2025 when the Amazon rights expire.

According to a tracking site built by Maft, season 6 arrived in December 2019 on Netflix UK and May 2020 in the United States. Given the dates provided to us above, we’re expecting to see 2024 for the UK and 2025 for the United States assuming the show is available on Netflix for a 5-year contract.

MGM as you may know is currently being bought out by Amazon in a huge $8.45 billion deal. Whether this could potentially throw a monkey in the wrench when it comes to seasons 1-6 coming to Netflix, we’ll have to wait and see. We’re told Amazon may have the ability to back out.

We requested a comment from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on these licensing windows who did not respond.

In the meantime, those in the US and UK will have to continue watching Vikings on Amazon Prime Video.

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