List of Movies from the 1950s on Netflix

Last updated: September 11, 2019

The 1950s had some major political and world events such as Dwight Eisenhower elected as the 34th President of the United States. Alaska becomes the 49th State and Hawaii becomes the 50th.

On the movies front, Cinderella was the biggest animated movie of the decade as Disney was desperate for another hit. Rashomon, Sunset Boulevard, All About Eve and Singin’ in the Rain were all major titles for the decade.

How many movies from the 1950s are there on Netflix?

There are 3 movies from the 1950s currently on Netflix.

What's the best movie from the 1950s on Netflix?

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is currently the highest rated title on Netflix (according to IMDb) with a score of 7.7/10.

Full List of Movies from the 1950s on Netflix

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