‘Battle Kitty’ Interactive Series Coming to Netflix in April 2022

A new video-game inspired interactive series is headed to Netflix in April 2022.

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Battle Kitty – Picture: Netflix

A new interactive series consisting of 9 episodes is due to release in April 2022 around the world. Battle Kitty, takes inspiration from video games across multiple genres is perhaps one of the most ambitious interactive projects to date.

The release comes exactly two years after the special was first announced for Netflix. Back then the project was based on Matt Layzell’s Instagram series called “The Adventures of Kitty & Orc” and described as a distinctive story experience.

Now we’ve got our first look and some new information about the upcoming interactive series which is coming to Netflix on April 19th, 2022.

Here’s how Netflix describes the new 9-episode series:

“In a futuristic-medieval world, warriors must find and defeat all the monsters on Battle Island, collecting their coveted keys in order to become ‘Champion’. Cut to Kitty and Orc, two best friends on a mission- to help Kitty become Champion their way– through cuteness and friendship! The two embark on the journey to Championhood, facing many obstacles and naysayers only to discover a surprise waiting for them at the Ancient Ruins…”

Based on the first trailer, the series seems to borrow elements from the likes of Super Mario.

The project is being made internally at Netflix under Netflix Animation led by Melissa Cobb. Cobb, on the announcement of the show two years ago, said:

“Battle Kitty is a mirror reflection of Matt himself — an inspiring, surprising, and incredibly fun show that is infused at every turn with huge amounts of both humor and heart. This series pushes the boundaries of storytelling in entirely new directions thanks to Matt’s innovative interactive format, which will allow kids to engage in an expansive universe together with the most lovable new underdog, Battle Kitty.”

Matt Layzell is behind Battle Kitty. Layzell has credits on numerous projects in various capacities including Netflix’s Pinky Malinky series, Sanjay and Craig, and Apple & Onion.

You can find a profile on Layzell on Netflix’s Animation website where he talks about what inspires him and his creative process.

Also working on the series include Dave Tennant (staff writer), Shakira Pressley (writer), Cooper Nelson (writer and script coordinator), Amanda McCann (artist manager), Matthew Winslow (picture editor), Bert Youn (supervising director), and Austin Page (composite artist).

We don’t yet have any cast information on the show but we’ll be sure to keep this updated ahead of its release in April.

The series is just the latest in Netflix’s efforts in the interactive special space. There are now 18 interactive specials on Netflix (Battle Kitty will be the 19th release) with most of them, like Battle Kitty, aimed at younger audiences. Highlights so far include interactive specials like The Boss Baby: Get That Baby!, Minecraft: Story Mode, Spirit Riding Free, and various Bear Grylls specials.

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