‘Love, Death and Robots’ Volume 3 Episode 5: Kill Team Kill Ending Explained

Here is the ending explained to Volume 3 episode 5 Love, Death and Robots 'Kill Team Kill'

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love death and robots volume 3 episode 5 kill team kill ending explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the fifth episode of volume 3  of Love, Death and Robots then allow us to help! We’ll also be covering the remaining episodes of volume 3 of  Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Kill Team Kill

A US Special Forces team encounters a genetically engineered grizzly bear in the mountains. An ultimate killing machine, the team of soldiers may need more than just their humor and guns to take the monster down.

Ending Explained

After the death of some of the squad at the hands of the Barghest, Sergeant Morris led the other three remaining soldiers to a secret CIA base in the mountains that is home to some of the most dangerous CIA experiments and weaponry. Upon entering the base it was revealed that the Barghest had killed all of the soldiers inside, leaving only Sergeants Morris and Nielsen, and Privates Folen and Macy to fight the cybernetic monstrosity.

Together the soldiers attempted to ambush the Barghest but were instead ambushed themselves with Sergeant Morris savagely killed. Together, the three remaining soldiers brought the bear down, but it was a trick by the beast and Private Folen’s leg is bitten clean off. In the end, Sergeant Nielson and Private Macy destroy the bear, but it’s the monster who has the last laugh when it releases its cybernetic eye and self-destructs, killing the remaining two soldiers.

Bear of Mass Destruction

A genetically engineered grizzly bear is devastatingly powerful, able to tear through entire squads of elite military with ease. But, the bear’s original purpose was to assist army personnel while out on patrol in the Afghan mountains. Why the bear malfunctioned is unknown, but it is likely due to its artificial intelligence and the bear’s nature rebelling together against their former human masters.

Even after blowing itself up, there is no guarantee the bear is dead, and will likely spend the rest of its days murdering any unsuspecting soldiers and civilians in the Afghanistan mountains.

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