No Plans for Season 3 of ‘Alien TV’ at Netflix

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alien tv not returning for season 3 at netflix

Alien TV – Picture: Netflix

The kids co-production series Alien TV is not expected to return for a third season with it completing its initial order and key talent moving onto other roles. In addition, we’ve heard from Pop Family Entertainment that there are no plans for future seasons.

In the kids series, we follow three aliens who are reporters for a fictional TV station. The series reports include Ixbee, Pixbee, and Squee traveling around Earth to attempt to make sense of humans and their hobbies.

The show isn’t a full Netflix Original it’s worth mentioning. It first aired on 9Go! in Australia before dropping onto Netflix. It came to Netflix in two installments. The first batch of episodes dropped in August 2020 and the second in March 2021.

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Is Alien TV returning for a season 3?

If you’re looking for future episodes of Alien TV, we’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that the show doesn’t currently plan to come but the door has been left open.

A spokesperson for Pop Family Entertainment told us “we currently have no plans for any future episodes of Alien TV, but we’re not totally ruling out the possibility of creating another season. It mostly depends on Netflix’s willingness to pick up another season and audience demand.”

With kid’s television, it’s often the case that shows are bought up in bulk upfront and then given a renewal decision after that initial order. In this instance, the CG-animated kids series was ordered for a total of 78 episodes upfront with each being 7 minutes long.

Ian Brown helmed the series and served as the director for the entirety of the show’s two seasons. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was working on the project between 2018 to October 2020. That tells us that the show hasn’t been in production over 18 months. According to his profile, Alien TV was his “first foray into high-quality fart-related comedy.”

Brown does, however, continue to work with Pop Family Entertainment where he’s listed as series director.

alien tv netflix

Alien TV – Picture: Netflix

Are you disappointed Netflix won’t be bringing back Alien TV for more episodes? Let us know in the comments.

No Plans for Season 3 of ‘Alien TV’ at Netflix

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