‘Shaman King’ Season 3 is Coming to Netflix in January 2022

The third season of Shaman King arrives on Netflix in January 2022!

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shaman king season 3 is coming to netflix in january 2022

Arriving a month earlier than we initially expected, fans can look forward to watching the anime series Shaman King season 3 on Netflix in January 2022.

Shaman King is an internationally licensed Netflix Original shonen anime series, adapted from the manga of the same name by author Hiroyuki Takei. The anime also serves as a reboot of the 2001 anime adaptation of the manga.

The series is about Manta Oyamada, a seemingly average middle school student who is revealed to have the power to see spirits. Upon a fateful encounter where his powers are revealed, Oyamada is enlisted into helping You Asakura, a shaman-in-training, who has the goal of becoming the Shaman King.

When is the Shaman King season 3 Netflix release date?

The next batch of Shaman King episodes will be released on Netflix on Thursday, January 13th, 2022.

When is Shaman King season 4 coming to Netflix?

Netflix has yet to announce the release date of the fourth and final season of Shaman King, but an educated guess would put the release date sometime in March or April of 2022.

The release of each batch of episodes has roughly coincided with the release of the Blu-Rays:

Netflix Release Date Blu Ray Release Date
09/08/2021 25/08/2021
09/12/2021 24/11/2021
13/01/2022 23/02/2022
TBA 25/05/2022


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