When will ‘Babylon Berlin’ Season 4 be on Netflix?

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When Will Season 4 Of Babylon Berlin Be On Netflix

Babylon Berlin – Picture: Sky 1, Das Erste

Babylon Berlin is an excellent and extremely underrated German-language drama on Netflix. It carries the Netflix Original banner in three regions of Netflix and with season 3 now on Netflix, you may be wondering if a fourth season is on the way. Here’s what we know about Babylon Berlin season 4 including whether it’s happening and if it is, when you can expect it on Netflix.

The series is set in Germany during the Golden 1920s. It follows a police commissioner stationed in Berlin solving new and increasingly horrific crimes.

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Now it’s absolutely worth noting that Netflix only serves as the international distributor for Babylon Berlin. The series airs first and is produced by Sky, a large satellite provider across Europe. As such, where Sky operates in Europe, Babylon Berlin is not available on Netflix.

Only three regions of Netflix carry Babylon Berlin including Netflix US, Netflix Canada and Netflix Australia.

Season 3 was the last season of the show to arrive on Netflix arriving on March 1st, 2020.

Now let’s look into the future of the series.

Has Babylon Berlin been renewed for season 4?

According to several sources in Germany, a fourth season is being worked on as it was commissioned alongside the previous third season.

What can we expect from the story in season 4?

Qiez, a popular German magazine states that the fourth season still has two more of the source novels to cover. Those two books include:

  • Goldstein: Gereon Rath’s third case
  • The Fatherland Files: Gereon Rath’s fourth case

The first novel takes place in 1931 during the Great Depression whereas the second starts in 1932 that sends the pair to East Prussia.

Given this information, it wouldn’t be unfair to suspect we’re due for two more seasons before the show comes to an end.

Production on the show was hampered by the global pandemic which is why we’ve had to wait so long, more on this in a second.

The Hollywood Reporter in September 2021 gave us a first look at Babylon Berlin revealing that it took 129 days to film the new season.

Liv Lisa Fries Babylon Berlin First Look

First Look at Babylon Berlin season 4

When will Babylon Berlin season 4 be on Netflix?

Before the show will make its way onto Netflix in the above regions, it will first air on Sky in Germany.

Originally it was expected the show would arrive in Autumn 2020 but that never came to fruition. Instead, only a broad 2022 release date has been given thus far.

Previous seasons of Babylon Berlin have arrived a few days after the finale airs in Germany so once we know when the show is due to begin airing we can provide an exact release.

With all that said, season 4 of Babylon Berlin will be on Netflix in Australia, the United States, and Canada in 2022.

Of course, release dates are always subject to change and should we learn of anything new, we’ll keep you posted right here on What’s on Netflix.

Are you looking forward to Babylon Berlin season 4? Let us know in the comments down below.

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