When will Part 2 of 3Below: Tales of Arcadia be on Netflix?

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Part 1 of 3Below is out which kickstarts the second part of a trilogy of shows on Netflix known as Tales of Arcadia. The first 13 episodes will inevitably lead to Wizards but before then, we’re expecting several more parts. Here’s when part 2 of 3Below will likely come to Netflix.

In 3Below, we return to the town of Arcadia where Trollhunters was set. It’s about three aliens and their dog who crash land on the planet and have to find a way home to save their homeworld. It’s got many crossover elements with Trollhunters but can be watched on its own.

As you can probably guess by now, there will be a part 2 of 3Below and the good news also is that it will be out relatively soon.

Tales of Arcadia is a three part trilogy and its final outing, known as Wizards is likely coming out at the end of 2019. That means we’ve got several months to fit in at least another part but may even but up to 4 parts.

The release schedule for Tales of Arcadia

The reason why we suggest there could be four parts is because part 1 of Trollhunters was the length of two later parts. In total, there were 52 episodes of Trollhunters.

There’s no confirmation of how many episodes 3Below will consist of in total but there’s scope for another part given the ending of 3Below part 1.

When will Part 2 be on Netflix?

Dreamworks released all of Trollhunters within a two year period. Unless Dreamworks only plans for two parts or that’ll it’ll overlap with Wizards, it’s going to have to release everything over the course of a year.

That means part 2 is likely to come out in the first few months of 2019.

What will happen in part 2 of 3Below: Tales of Arcadia?

One of the big challenges Aja and Krel will have going into the next part is the nosey neighbor managing to grab photographs of the pair in their natural form. He’s been a pest all throughout season 1 and will likely now expose them.

The ship is still crash landed on Earth with no foreseeable way of them getting home for now. Their mother and father are being regenerated again who will likely play a big role in part 2. Part 1 concluded with the fact that main villain is now headed to Earth.

When do you think 3Below part 2 will be out on Netflix? Do you think Dreamworks will do 52 episodes of 3Below like Trollhunters? Let us know in the comments.