When will Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles be on Netflix?

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MTV has made some big shows in recent years and The Shannara Chronicles is arguably their best title to date and with new seasons arriving on Netflix in a yearly fashion, many have been asking when season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles will be coming to Netflix? Worry no more as we have the release date for the series. 

Sadly, in recent days MTV has canceled the show as part of a big restructuring for the group. Other MTV shows like Scream are safe for now but are also expected to face the chopping block. The good news is that the showrunners have been able to go and shop the show on different networks which could include Netflix. We’ll have some more analysis on this soon.

The fantasy drama is part of MTV’s new attempt to conquer scripted TV as Viacom has struggled to keep up with other networks and streaming services in recent years. The first season premiered on MTV and the second on Spike which recently got


Multiple regions of Netflix currently carry The Shannara Chronicles so we’ll list the release dates according to the region below.

It’s worth noting that season 2 released at a substantially later date than season 1. Season 1 aired back in January 2016 whereas season 2 arrived from October 2017 onwards. With that said, the Netflix release date doesn’t seem attached to the air dates.

Netflix US Release Date

Update: Season 2 was added to Netflix on January 22nd, 2018.

All of MTV’s shows on Netflix come on a regular annual basis and we suspect that to continue with The Shannara Chronicles. Season 1 landed back in June 2016 and we suspect it’ll be renewed again in June 2019.

Netflix UK Release Date

The United Kingdom got the series a little later than Netflix US and will likely get it later once again. Season 2 will likely come to Netflix UK in September 2018 following the September 2016 release date of season 1.

Netflix Australia Release Date

Season 1 was added back in January 2017 and we suspect we may get the latest season by January 2019 at the latest.

Have we missed your region? Let us know down below and we’ll give you a release date for your region. Additionally, let us know if you’re sad to see the show not renewed.

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