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On top of all the other damage it has done, the coronavirus has delayed production on many of our favorite series, including the newest season of Netflix’s blockbuster Stranger Things. With no word forthcoming from Netflix on when we can expect the new season, we can at least be comforted by the fact that the streaming service has built up a library of content tailored to fans of the series, including numerous works that feature members of the show’s cast.

As he did previously for fans of Money Heist, Christopher Meir from Netflix Original Movies Reviewed is here to highlight the films and series that include cast members from the much-loved series.


David Harbour (aka Jim Hopper from ST) appears in this action film about a mercenary played by Chris Hemsworth (as in Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Hemsworth’s character has to rescue a kidnapped child held hostage by drug lords in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser

In this teen rom-com, Sierra (played by Shannon Purser, aka Barb from season 1 of ST) starts receiving texts from the most popular boy at school and the two start falling for one another. The only problem is that those texts were meant for another girl. While the film is now thought of as yet another Noah Centineo film, Netflix originally bought the film to cash in on the cult celebrity of Barb/Purser.

You can find a full review of Sierra Burgess is a Loser here.

High Flying Bird

Caleb McLaughlin (aka Lucas from ST) appears in this tense drama made by Stephen Soderberg and starring André Holland. The film itself tells the story of a sports agent who tries to force an end to a lockout of the NBA season with an audacious attempt to start a new league run by the players themselves.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Natalia Dyer (aka Nancy from ST) plays a lowly personal assistant in this cerebral horror film/satire of the art world. The film tells the story of a prominent art critic (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) and his circle of friends and associates, all of whom start getting killed after someone attempts to steal the work of a recently departed artist.


Sadie Sink (aka Max from season 2 onwards) is a mysterious nighttime visitor encouraging the titular Eli to escape from the strange house in which he seems to be imprisoned in this horror film. What starts out as a garden variety haunted house story takes a turn that completely changes the movie in the final third.

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster: Frankenstein

David Harbour (aka Hopper) stars in this odd 30 minute comedy sketch which takes the form of a mockumentary about Harbour’s supposed father (played by Harbour himself) who left behind a surprising legacy as a classically trained actor.

Prank Encounters (series)

Picking up on the comic persona of his character in Stranger Things, Gaten Matarazzo (aka Dustin on ST) hosts and executive produces this hidden camera prank show.

Upcoming Netflix Originals Featuring Stranger Things cast

Netflix just announced the acquisition of Enola Holmes, a female-centered take on the Sherlock Holmes story which stars Millie Bobby Brown, who is, of course, better known as Eleven on Stranger Things. The film is already completed and Netflix has said they plan to release it in the fall.

The company is also developing a film called A Time Lost, which will be produced by Brown and her sister. As this is only in development, it will likely be a while before it is made and turns up on the service.

Noah Schnapp (aka Will Byers in ST) will be appearing in the next Adam Sandler star vehicle for Netflix, this one being entitled Hubie Halloween. Barring any COVID related delays, I would expect that one to be released in the fall.

While the Duffer brothers – the showrunners for the series – are not known to have other projects on the go at Netflix, producers 21 Laps, the company that developed and packaged the series with the Duffers, are very actively producing for the service.

They have an overall deal with Netflix and have so far partnered with the service to release the series I Am Not Okay With This and Netflix also acquired their film Kodachrome for the US market. Looking forward, they have several other series in advanced stages of production as well, including a reboot of Unsolved Mysteries and series entitled Shadow and Bone and Dash & Lily.

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