‘Henry Danger’ Seasons 4-5 Coming to Netflix in March 2023

Netflix US is set to receive the two remaining seasons of Henry Danger.

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Henry Danger – Picture: Nickelodeon

An unlikely show dominated the top 10s for over a month in 2021. In early 2021, Henry Danger seasons 1-3 were added to Netflix in the US, and although it wasn’t expected, two years later, we’ve now got confirmation that the remaining two seasons will be coming to Netflix. 

Quick rewind for anyone not familiar with the show. The show, created by Dana Olsen and Dan Schneider, follows a young 13-year-old searching for a part-time job when he eventually finds one becoming a superhero sidekick. The series ran for five seasons between 2014 and 2020.

The first three seasons were added to Netflix in part on January 15th, 2021; it was in the top 10 show list on Netflix for weeks. The spin-off, Danger Force, was partially added to Netflix US in September 2022.

Seasons 4-5 of Henry Danger Coming to Netflix US in March 2023

Until February 2023, we had suspected that new seasons of Henry Danger weren’t coming to Netflix.

The reason for this is because of how Paramount has been licensing shows to Netflix generally. Instead of adding complete collections of shows, they often license strategically and with only a select number of seasons. That’s been the case with several Nickelodeon shows.

Up until now, we ruled out seasons 4 and 5 of Henry Danger coming to Netflix because we assumed Paramount was betting that you’d become addicted enough to want to carry on your binge over on Paramount+ (which does stream all 5 seasons).

However, as part of the March 2023 lineup, we got word that seasons 4 and 5 would arrive on March 31st, 2023.

Will New Henry Danger Seasons Come to Netflix Internationally?

Henry Danger does stream outside the United States on nearly two dozen regions according to Unogs, but season availability is spotty.

In Canada, seasons 1-3 are streaming like the US, but it’s unknown whether they’ll also be recipients of the newer seasons in March 2023.

For the vast majority of all other Netflix regions, you only have access to the first season (consisting of 26 episodes), and that’s likely going to continue being the case for the foreseeable future, meaning you will need to get Paramount+ to continue your binge.

Are you looking forward to more seasons of Henry Danger coming to Netflix or do you reside in a country where only a single season is available? Let us know down below.

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