‘Q-Force’ Canceled at Netflix After 1 Season; No Season 2 Planned

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q force canceled at netflix wont return for season 2

Q-Force – Picture: Netflix

The adult-animated sitcom Q-Force won’t be returning for a second season at Netflix according to an interview with Matt Rogers on a podcast in recent weeks. 

Animated by Titmouse Inc, the series was about a squad of secret agents who were all LGBTQ and went on extraordinary adventures. All eight episodes of the first season dropped onto Netflix globally on September 2nd, 2021.

Q-Force notably featured the voices of Sean Hayes, Matt Rogers, Wanda Sykes, Patti Harrison, Gary Cole, and David Harbour.

The show was criticized from the first trailer through to its release due to its stereotypical characters portrayed  and even after the release, critics were still not particularly kind albeit the criticisms were not as heavy as when the first set of trailers was released.

As of today, the series sits at 29% on RottenTomatoes with the critical consensus being:

“Q-Force’s heart is in the right place, but dated stereotypes and a general lack of humor make this animated action adventure fall flat.”

Since the release of season 1, it’s been unclear whether the series would be returning. Unlike some animated projects, Q-Force did not receive a big upfront episode order.

However, now we’ve learned that we won’t be getting a season 2 of Q-Force, at least on Netflix.

Speaking on the podcast Attitudes! on May 5th, Matt Rogers who served as one of the writers and voices on the show (he voiced Twink – the “Master of drag”) told the podcast that the show would not be returning.

He said “It did not get a second season” but added that he’s still proud of what they released and implied it did a good job for representation.

Rogers did add some reassurance that season 1 isn’t going anywhere though saying “The people that loved it really loved it and the good news is that it will always be on Netflix”.

The host of the podcast, Erin Gibson, went on to add that she predicts that the show will come back in some form in the future saying “it’s just too special”. After all, we’ve recently seen Tuca & Bertie get its second life on HBO Max after Netflix canceled it after a single season.

NBCUniversal Television notably is the distributor of the show so perhaps a Peacock revival could eventually be on the cards like Tuca & Bertie?

q force season 2

Picture: Netflix

The news comes around the same time as another LGBTQ-focused animated series hits Netflix in the form of Dead End: Paranormal Park. Many will now fear that show will follow in the same direction.

Q-Force also follows in the footsteps of Adventure Beast which was released the month after Q-Force and also won’t be returning for future seasons. Super Drags, another LGBTQ-focused adult-animation series was also canceled after a single season.

Are you disappointed Q-Force isn’t getting a second season? Let us know in the comments and if you’ve missed any of the other major cancelations in 2022, check out our list here.

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