List of Syfy Series on Netflix

Last updated: April 9th, 2022

Syfy remains an important staple of the Netflix library in the United States with many titles from the networks past and current library on Netflix available to stream right now. Here’s the full list of Syfy titles on Netflix and the networks streaming plans for the future. 

Owned by Comcast and sistered with TV channels like USA Network, NBC and E! the network used to be known for its bizarre movies but has grown to a place for great sci-fi TV content.

List of Syfy Series on Netflix

Cover Title / Description
Bitten Bitten (3 Seasons)
Elena Michaels tries to stray from the pack of werewolves that turned her into a monster, but her efforts are thwarted by a string of grisly murders.
IMDb Score: 6.0/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 05/07/2014
Continuum Continuum (4 Seasons)
Kiera Cameron is a police officer in 2077 swept along when a gang of condemned terrorists escapes their sentences by traveling back in time to 2012.
IMDb Score: 7.3/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 04/17/2013
Happy! Happy! (1 Season)
A boozy ex-cop turned hit man thinks he’s losing his marbles when a cartoon unicorn only he can see urges him to rescue a girl kidnapped by Santa.
IMDb Score: 7.6/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 12/06/2018
Haven Haven (TV Series)
Residents of Haven, Maine, are plagued by supernatural afflictions. To reveal the truth, FBI agent Audrey Parker must delve into her own strange past.
IMDb Score: 7.2/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 09/13/2013
Lost Girl Lost Girl (TV Series)
Discovering she’s a succubus who sustains herself by feeding on the sexual energy of humans, seductive Bo sets out on a journey to understand herself.
IMDb Score: 7.0/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 12/13/2012
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection : Classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection : Classic (TV Series)
Hosts Joel and Mike and their robot companions offer hilarious running commentary on B movies they’re forced to watch in these classic MST3K episodes.
IMDb Score: 7.8/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 03/15/2017
The Magicians The Magicians (TV Series)
When grad student Quentin Coldwater enters a college specializing in magic, he learns that the mythic fantasy world he once read about is very real.
IMDb Score: 6.9/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 12/26/2016
Van Helsing Van Helsing (TV Series)
After three years in a coma, Vanessa awakens to a world ravaged by vampires. Now, she and a motley band of fellow survivors fight to stay alive.
IMDb Score: 5.8/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 07/31/2017
Wynonna Earp Wynonna Earp (TV Series)
The outcast descendant of lawman Wyatt Earp teams up with an immortal Doc Holliday to rid the world of demonic revenants from the Wild West.
IMDb Score: 6.2/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 04/01/2017
Z Nation Z Nation (TV Series)
A team embarks on a perilous cross-country mission to transport the one man who survived a deadly zombie virus, hoping he holds the key to a vaccine.
IMDb Score: 6.4/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 01/09/2015

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