‘A Killer Paradox’ Season 2 on Netflix: Renewal Status and What We Know So Far

Netflix has yet to renew 'A Killer Paradox' for a second season.

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A Killer Paradox Season 2 Renewal Netflix

Picture: A Killer Paradox – Netflix

The first season of A Killer Paradox is now available to stream on Netflix. However, thanks to the twists and turns of the final episode, fans will expect to see a second season. Netflix has yet to renew A Killer Paradox for a second season, but we hope to learn more soon.

A Killer Paradox is a South Korean Netflix thriller directed by Lee Chang Hee (Strangers from Hell) and written by screenwriter Kim Da Min. The series is an adaptation of the Korean webtoon Sarinjaonnangam and was released worldwide on February 9th, 2024.

A Killer Paradox Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 15/02/2024)

At the time of writing, Netflix has yet to renew A Killer Paradox for a second season.

The first few days on Netflix saw the series amass 3.1 million views.

Top10 Tv Non English 2 Feb 5 Feb 11 2024

Compared to other K-dramas, it falls behind All of Us Are Dead, Hellbound, and Squid Game. The series achieved fewer viewers than Bloodhounds, Money Heist: Korea, and Black Knight. However, we expect a significant increase in viewership for week 2.

A Killer Paradox Vs Other Netflix Korean Titles

Does A Killer Paradox need a second season?

A second season could be on the cards thanks to the twist-filled ending.

In a dramatic confrontation between Detective Jang Nan-gam, former detective turned serial killer Song Chon, Roh-bin, and Lee Tang, startling revelations about Jang’s father are revealed.

A Killer Paradox Season 2 Renewal Netflix Song Chang

Picture: Lee Hee Joon as Song Chon

First, a fire-fight results in an incapacitated Song Chan, but Roh-bin is killed in the scuffle. Song Chan reveals some dark secrets about Detective Jang Nan-gam’s family, such as his mother’s adultery with his father’s best friend and how his father was a dirty cop pushing drugs that resulted in the arrest of a kindly woman from the cafeteria, who would later end her own life. Upon confronting him about his corruption, Song Chan would paralyze Jang Nan-gam’s father.

In his final moments, Song Chan attempted to kill Lee Tang, only for the detective to fire multiple bullets, killing him.

A Killer Paradox Season 2 Renewal Netflix Detective

Picture: Son Suk Ku as Jang Nan-gam

A flash forward, we see the funeral of Jang Nan-gam’s father. He is questioned by his superiors over Song Chan’s death and Roh-Bin’s involvement in the murders.

Lee Tang was prepared to die, but with no bullets left in his gun, he inexplicably escaped death. Jang Nan-gam declares that Lee Tang will get caught eventually, even if he isn’t the one to do it himself.

A Killer Paradox Season 2 Renewal Netflix Lee Tang

Picture: Choi Woo Shik as Lee Tang – Netflix

After the warehouse catches fire, all evidence of Lee Tang being there is erased, except for one picture taken on a security camera. However, Lee Tang has fled Korea to the Philippines, where he is working illegally on the docks. The police inevitably catch him, and to Lee Tang’s shock, he learns that there isn’t a warrant for his arrest in South Korea and that he has gotten away with his crimes.

Lee Tang is sent back to South Korea, where it is heavily hinted that he is continuing his killing spree against serial killers when Jang Nan-gam witnesses a news report about the death of a wanted serial killer. His expression suggests that he suspects Lee Tang is back.

What could happen in A Killer Paradox season 2?

With Lee Tang returning to South Korea, his conquest against serial killers and other evil people will continue. This will inevitably lead him to a collision with Jang Nan-gan, who will be on the young man’s toes as he waits for Lee Tang’s luck to run out eventually.

We’d also expect either Lee Tang to be captured by the police, or he will be killed in his pursuit of taking down South Korea’s serial killers.

Would you like to see a second season of A Killer Paradox on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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