‘Bitten’ Seasons 1-3 Leaving Netflix in May 2020

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Bitten – Picture: Syfy

Syfy’s Bitten will be departing Netflix in the US in its entirety by the end of May 2020. Here’s why the series is leaving, why you should check it out, where it’s likely heading next and when it’s set to leave. 

The series has been on Netflix in the United States since September 2014, with a new season added every year thereafter. The final season, season three, arrived on Netflix on May 26th, 2016.

Now, four years after the last season was added, the series is set to leave Netflix US on May 26th, 2020.

The series was created by Daegan Fryklind and stars Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels. Compared with the likes of Supernatural and Twilight, it’s about a young woman who is torn between two lives. Her human life and her werewolf life.

The series will be departing with other longstanding licensed titles from the likes of USANetwork and ABC. You can find a full list of what’s leaving Netflix in May 2020 here which also includes other big series such as Scandal seasons 1-7 and every season of Royal Pains.

It joins another Canadian supernatural based TV series that also departed recently. Just last month, Netflix lost every season of Lost Girl.

Where will Bitten stream next?

Well, the short answer is we don’t definitely as of yet. The most obvious choice will be Peacock, the new Comcast driven streaming service. Comcast owns Syfy that originally aired the series.

With that said, Entertainment One is the distributor of the show so it could just be the case it’s marketed to any streaming service that will take it. The reality is, however, the series isn’t likely in high demand so it may be the case that VoD options are the only ones going forward.

Will Bitten leave Netflix in other regions?

Bitten will remain on many other Netflix regions for the moment. These include the likes of Netflix in the United Kingdom, most of mainland Europe and Asia.

Although we are expecting these regions to follow suit over the coming years, for now, they don’t have expiry dates like the United States.

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