Most Rented Christmas Movies on Netflix’s DVD Subscription Service

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most rented christmas movies on netflix dvd

Netflix’s streaming lineup for Christmas has plenty to watch but you’ll more than likely find big holes in its lineup with classics missing from big distributors who hold back their top Christmas titles for their own platforms and channels. Netflix streaming has close to 100 movies this Christmas but Netflix’s DVD platform has infinitely more. 

For those unaware, Netflix DVD is the subscription service run by Netflix whereby you get sent DVD or Blurays in the mail. It’s their legacy business but is still used by over 2 million people across the United States. The DVD service is a perfect compliment to Netflix streaming as it gives access to many titles that are not available. We’ve just recently published Netflix DVD’s full November and December 2021 lineup.

So, what has been Netflix’s DVD customers’ favorite Christmas movies? Thankfully, we know the answer thanks to data sent to What’s on Netflix from the Netflix DVD team.

Here are the top 30 most rented Christmas movies of all time and there are plenty of surprises on this list!

Top 30 Most Rented Christmas Movies on Netflix DVD

  1. Love Actually
  2. The Family Stone
  3. Four Christmases
  4. Elf
  5. Fred Claus
  6. Bad Santa
  7. The Polar Express
  8. Nothing Like the Holidays
  9. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  10. Christmas with the Kranks
  11. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  12. This Christmas
  13. It’s a Wonderful Life
  14. A Christmas Story
  15. A Christmas Carol
  16. Unaccompanied Minors
  17. Surviving Christmas
  18. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
  19. Die Hard
  20. Home Alone
  21. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  22. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
  23. Gremlins
  24. Why Him?
  25. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  26. The Santa Clause 2
  27. The Shop Around the Corner
  28. Love the Coopers
  29. Die Hard 2: Die Harder
  30. Deck the Halls

For us, the biggest two surprises are The Family Stone and Four Christmases doing so well given that the pair of movies aren’t the first movies you likely think about when it comes to Christmas movies. Lots of obvious inclusions of course including Die Hard (which is a Christmas movie), Elf, and Bad Santa.

There you have it – which of these have you rented from Netflix DVD over the past decade or so? Let us know in the comments down below.

Most Rented Christmas Movies on Netflix’s DVD Subscription Service

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