Netflix Licenses ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Sequel From Paramount

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Beverley Hills Cop Sequel Ordered By Netflix

Plans for a Beverly Hills Cop 4 have been in the works for years, but never came to fruition. Eddie Murphy has reignited his career thanks to the Netflix Original film Dolemite Is My Name, so it comes as no surprise that Netflix would strike while the iron is hot and license the Beverly Hills Cop sequel from Paramount.

For the third time in as many years, Netflix has struck a deal with Paramount to license another film for its Original line-up Beverly Hills Cop. Starring Eddie Murphy as the iconic Axel Foley, the veteran comedian will be returning to active duty for Beverly Hills Cop 4. Jerry Bruckheimer will be on board to produce.

Netflix and Paramount have had a fruitful relationship and the licensing of Beverly Hills Cop is the cherry on top after previously licensing Cloverfield: Paradox and Annihilation. The streaming service will work with Murphy and Bruckheimer to find a director and scriptwriter. Netflix will also finance the sequel and launch it exclusively on the streaming service.

This is another excellent deal for Netflix, who also recently signed a deal with Paramount Pictures’ parent company, Viacom, to license and produce exclusive Nickelodeon content.

What can we expect to see from Beverly Hills Cop 4?

The last Beverly Hills Cop (BHC3), was released in 1994. That’s over 25 years of Axel Foley’s career we’ve missed.

Foley was never much of a paper pusher but could circumstance have seen the detective pushed up the ranks earning numerous promotions, forcing him behind a desk, but itching to get back out on the streets?

A veteran Foley teaching a rookie about the job could also be fun. While a buddy cop film is clichè, the dynamic could work for a grizzled and aged Foley.

When can we expect to see Beverly Hills Cop 4 on Netflix?

Assuming that production would begin in the next few months, then we could potentially see a Winter 2020 release date.

There’s plenty of development that needs to go into Beverly Hills Cop 4 before production can begin, therefore, a more realistic release date will be 2021.

Potential Release Date: 2021

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