Netflix’s ‘Spaceman of Bohemia’: Everything We Know So Far

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Netflix has recently greenlit Spaceman of Bohemia, a weird but also heartwarming and deep space adventure film developed by Johan Renck of Breaking Bad and Chernobyl fame and Colby Day (In The Blink of an Eye). Renck will direct the film and Day will write the script. Actor Channing Tatum is also among the producers of the film while Adam Sandler is set to star.

The production company behind Spaceman of Bohemia is Tango Entertainment who have been involved in such films as Never Maybe Sometimes Always, How to Build a Girl, Little Fish and Little Woods. Award-winning casting director Nina Gold known for her impeccable work in HBO’s Game of Thrones and Netflix’s The Crown is also attached to the project.


Director Johan Renck and writer Colby Day

Director Johan Renck offered his comment about the project in a press release:

“As we prepare for our voyage to Chopra, I couldn’t be more pleased to have found the perfect partner in Adam. And now, with the support of the brilliant Netflix family, I am profoundly excited to set off on our impossible journey.”

What is the plot of Spaceman of Bohemia?

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Netflix’s Spaceman of Bohemia is based on Czech author Jaroslav Kalfar’s novel of the same name that was released in 2017. The official story synopsis for the Netflix adaptation is the following:

An intergalactic odyssey of love, ambition, and self-discovery. Orphaned as a boy, raised in the Czech countryside by his doting grandparents, Jakub Procházka has risen from small-time scientist to become the country’s first astronaut. When a dangerous solo mission to Venus offers him both the chance at heroism he’s dreamt of, and a way to atone for his father’s sins as a Communist informer, he ventures boldly into the vast unknown. But in so doing, he leaves behind his devoted wife, Lenka, whose love, he realizes too late, he has sacrificed on the altar of his ambitions. Alone in Deep Space, Jakub discovers a possibly imaginary giant alien spider, who becomes his unlikely companion. Over philosophical conversations about the nature of love, life and death, and the deliciousness of bacon, the pair form an intense and emotional bond. Will it be enough to see Jakub through a clash with secret Russian rivals and return him safely to Earth for a second chance with Lenka?

Who is cast in Spaceman of Bohemia?

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Netflix’s Uncut Gems and Hubie Halloween star Adam Sandler has been tapped to play the main protagonist, Jakub Prochazka. Jakub is a middle-aged, middle-class Czech man who is selected for a space mission for his country. He is set to explore space and reach a mysterious purple cloud that is close to Earth. Jakub doesn’t fare too well with space travel and often looks queasy and unkempt. He misses his wife Lenka and thinks is losing his mind when he believes he befriended an alien creature that boarded his ship. The role of Jakub Prochazka was originally offered to Robert Downey Jr. and later Joaquin Phoenix.

Netflix is reportedly interested in Rachel Weisz (The Mummy, The Favourite) to play Lenka, Jakub’s pregnant wife. They are able to video call each other throughout the story, but Jakub’s absence, especially during her pregnancy, puts a massive strain on their relationship.

What is the production status of Spaceman of Bohemia?

Production on Netflix’s Spaceman of Bohemia is currently set to begin in February 2021. Filming is planned to take place in New York, US and Prague, Czechia (Czech Republic) with a production budget of $40M.

When will Spaceman of Bohemia be released on Netflix?

Given the February 2021 production start, it is safe to say that Spaceman of Bohemia could be released on Netflix sometime in the first half of 2022.

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Netflix’s ‘Spaceman of Bohemia’: Everything We Know So Far

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