‘The Cuphead Show!’ Season 4: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled?

The show has concluded its initial run and hasn't yet been renewed for a fourth season.

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the cuphead show season 4 has netflix renewed or canceled

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As The Cuphead Show! celebrates its first anniversary on Netflix (and trending again on Twitter, not for the first time), you may wonder whether The Cuphead Show will return for a fourth season. Unfortunately, as it stands, the answer looks to be no, but its future could very much be changed.

First debuting in February 2022, The Cuphead Show! is one of Netflix’s best-animated series in its history. The show went on to release three seasons throughout the course of 2022 with the final season dropping in November 2022.

Based on the video game, the series follows the adventures of Cuphead and his brother Mugman.

Will The Cuphead Show! Return for Season 4 at Netflix?

Official Renewal Status: Pending

Netflix has yet to officially announce the future of The Cuphead Show!

Given Netflix’s history in the animation space, however, it’s doubtful we’ll see The Cuphead Show! return for a season 4.

For more animated titles, Netflix often gives an upfront order of x number of episodes. In the case of The Cuphead Show!, that upfront order was for three seasons of 36 episodes, all of which have now been delivered throughout 2022.

As a result, any future episodes would need to be part of a season renewal, and there’s been no official word of that happening so at the moment, season 3 is considered the final season of the show.

Netflix, however, never officially labeled season 3 as the final season, so the door is potentially open, but there’s no precedent based on Netflix’s track history, unfortunately.

In November 2022, we spoke to Deeki Deke (head writer on The Cuphead Show!) around the time his animated movie The Soccer Football Movie was being released on Netflix globally.

When we asked about the possible future beyond season 3, the response was as follows:

“There better be more – I have too many episode ideas! I’m hopeful there’s a renewal or a continuation in some form, but we’ll see.”

We should also note Deke’s LinkedIn profile lists January 2021 as the end of their role as Head Writer.

Indeed, most people we found on LinkedIn who were involved with the show have now moved onto new projects.

The Campaign to Renew The Cuphead Show

On Twitter, fans are still hoping to get the show a new season. You can find their thoughts and campaign by searching the hashtag “#RENEWTHECUPHEADSHOW“.

If you need more The Cuphead Show in your life in the meantime, the games that the show is based on still exist, plus a book released by Dark Horse Books in late 2022.

Titled, The Art of The Cuphead Show, the book is a hardcover volume where you’ll get “transported back to the golden age of 1930s animation with an art book celebrating the acclaimed run & gun game, Cuphead!”

Would you like The Cuphead Show to come back for a fourth season on Netflix?

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