New ‘Power Rangers’ Universe in Development at Netflix

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New Power Rangers Universe In Development At Netflix

It’s Morphin time at Netflix as plans for a brand new Power Rangers universe are reportedly in development. With brand new shows tv shows, movies, and kids programming on the way, it’s never been a more exciting time to be a fan of Power Rangers.

New information on the reported Power Rangers universe at Netflix was revealed by EOne’s Michael Lombardo in his interview with Deadline. During the interview, Lombardo revealed that the new rebooted universe won’t be limited to just children’s programming, but multiple shows, aimed at maturer audiences will also be developed, alongside multiple films:

Since we set up Power Rangers with Jonathan, we pitched really a whole-world approach. It’s not just one show, it is shows followed by films, some kids’ programming. We have found a great writing partner for him, they are off. Knock on wood, Netflix is excited, we’re excited, we hope to have some news soon.

What does this mean for the future of the Power Rangers franchise?

With thirty years of history expanding almost two dozen shows and multiple films, suffice today Power Rangers has left a long-lasting legacy. However, a brand new universe in the works indicates the franchise is at crossroads, which means that the vast majority of the past thirty years of television could be left behind.

Outside of the television series, the Power Rangers franchise has begun to explore more mature themes in its storytelling, especially in the Shattered Grid crossover comic which paved the way for fan-favorite villain Lord Drakkon.

Lord Drakkon Power Rangers Netflix

Lord Drakkon as illustrated in the comics and Jason David Frank as Lord Drakkon

With Netflix potentially aiming for more mature stories, we could see Lord Drakkon on screen, and more. Thanks to the 30 years of history, there’s a whole well of inspiration ready to be used.

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