Raising Dion Season 3: Netflix Cancels After 2 Seasons

Raising Dion will not come back for a season 3 on Netflix.

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raising dion season 3 what we know so far netflix

Raising Dion – Picture: Netflix

After what felt like an eternity, Raising Dion returned for its second season in February 2022. While Raising Dion season 3 could have been on the cards in terms of plot development, the cast have revealed on Instagram that the show is not being renewed. Thus, Raising Dion has been canceled after 2 seasons. Here’s what we know about its performance and why Raising Dion was likely canceled.

Raising Dion is produced by Outlier Society run by Michael B. Jordan who struck an overall film deal with Amazon Studios in early 2021. The show saw the return of Ja’Siah Young as Dion Warren, Alisha Wainwright as Nicole Warren, Jason Ritter as Pat Rollins and Sammi Haney as Esperanza.

The series, believe it or not, premiered on Netflix first back in October 2019 meaning that by the time February 1st, 2022 rolled around, we had been waiting well over two years for the return of Raising Dion.

Has Raising Dion been renewed for season 3 at Netflix?

Official Renewal Status: Canceled as of April 26th, 2022
Our Renewal Prediction: 50/50

Sammi Haney, who played Esperanza on Netflix’s Raising Dion confirmed the news on the cancelation on April 26th.

In a long post on Instagram, she said:

“Sad to say that Raising Dion is CANCELED. Thank you for all of the amazing support we got from all of our wonderful fans! Season 2 was a success, equal to Season 1, even if just looking at how many people watched all of it and wanted a season 3!

The only “silver lining” is that this does free me up to pursue other roles. My Netflix contract kept me from accepting other major roles offered to me (1 actually written with me in mind) on other tv shows! So if you work for a major studio, hit me up again, I’m ready!”

Performance on a show of this scale seemed to be a bad thing. Also, the time between seasons 1 and 2 likely led to a huge drop-off in viewership but as we’ll explore below, it did lead to some people picking up the show for the first time.

Another sign things were possibly bad for the show moving forward was that the social accounts for Raising Dion went silent as of February 1st. This isn’t necessarily indicative of anything given their small following but often shows that marketing resources had ceased.

How has Raising Dion season 2 performed on Netflix?

Thanks to the Netflix Top 10 site, we’ve got some insights into how well the show performed with how many hours were consumed.

In its first 26 days on the platform, Raising Dion season 2 was watched over 100,000,000 hours on Netflix globally, 108.75 million to be exact.

Here’s how that breaks down week by week:

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
January 30th, 2022 to February 6th, 2022 49,090,000 2 1
February 6th, 2022 to February 13th, 2022 30,350,000 (-38%) 3 2
February 13th, 2022 to February 20th, 2022 17,550,000 (-42%) 5 3
February 20th, 2022 to February 27th, 2022 11,760,000 (-33%) 9 4

The series did fall out of the global top 10 between February 28th and March 6th. That means it clocked in less than 9.11 million hours that week.

Sadly, we can’t compare hourly data with season 1 given back then, Netflix gave out different metrics. Season 1 of the show reportedly was seen by 32 million accounts in the first 28 days with 60% of all viewing being outside the US.

Looking at FlixPatrol data, which takes the raw top 10 positions for any given day around the world, we can see the show maintained its position well in the first week before decaying dramatically after February 12th.

flixpatrol data for raising dion season 2 netflix

Top 10 data for Raising Dion season 2

Perhaps just as important for the future of the show, we also saw a rise in viewership for the first season around the time of the season 2 release as well. That’s important as it shows that the release of the second season bought in a new audience and no doubt some people rewatching. Obviously, this still wasn’t enough to warrant a renewal.

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
January 30th, 2022 to February 6th, 2022 26,460,000 6 1
February 6th, 2022 to February 13th, 2022 23,520,000 (-11%) 5 2
February 13th, 2022 to February 20th, 2022 14,140,000 (-40%) 8 3

Nielsen Top 10 data can also provide a look at US specific viewership.

Here’s how the show tracked in the Originals category:

  • 1/31 to 02/06 – #4 on Originals chart – 1,113 minutes
  • 02/07 to 02/13 – #6 on Originals chart – 757 minutes
  • 02/14 to 02/20 – #7 on Originals chart – 489 minutes
  • 02/21 to 02/27 – #8 on Originals chart – 363 minutes

IMDbPro gives us some insight into how popular the series is on their database. IMDb boasts over half a billion hits a month so is a pretty good gauge for a show’s popularity.

Looking at IMDb’s Moviemeter, Raising Dion didn’t manage to reach the similar heights of the first season. While season 1 reached a peak of #17 Season 2 has seemingly peaked at #68.

imdb movie meter stats for raising dion season 2

Moviemeter for Raising Dion – Left: 3 years – S1 v S2. Right: showing 3 months.

The young cast put together a video on how best to get Netflix to renew the show and that’s by watching it.

What We Expected From Raising Dion Season 3

In the final episode of Raising Dion season 2 (ISSUE #208: Who You Are) we see Dion and Nicole going up against a “familiar” villain and his army of minions.

The series ends with an end-credit scene (just like how Marvel does its teasers for future projects) showing a futuristic dystopian version of the world with Jason Ritter and his arm looking over Atlanta saying that it’s “history” with Mind Mover then jumping into the scene.

Given how far off into the future this scene is, we’ve likely got a lot of ground to cover before Dion and Pat will be facing off in this nature.

raising dion season 2 netflix feb 2022

Some have speculated we may be seeing more of Kat’s position at Biona’s science department as they try and make a cure for these superpowers.

One Redditor has speculated that we could see a time jump between seasons 2 and 3 saying “I really like the idea of skipping time at least another year for the next season.” adding “I’m hoping with some more time gone in season 3 we can have a nice grown, confident (and honestly slightly less annoying) Dion. Plus hopefully, he would have some more training with Tevin and Janelle and all of their powers will have grown.”

Collider boils down season 3 to 7 questions:

  • Is Mark Still Alive?
  • How did Pat survive?
  • What happens to Brayden now?
  • What is the meaning of the End-Credits Scene?

Of course, a time jump would’ve likely have to happen because young Ja’Siah Young is noticeably growing older. Could we see the show mature much faster in a future season? If we’re waiting over two years for season 3, the creators may not have a choice!

For more Raising Dion behind-the-scenes content, we’d recommend you give Dennis Liu a follow on Instagram who has posted some superb insights about the work that went into the second season.

Are you disappointed that Raising Dion will not be returning for a season 2 at Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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