‘That Girl Lay Lay’ Canceled at Netflix and Nickelodeon After 2 Seasons

Gabrielle Nevaeh has confirmed that the live-action kids series has come to an end with its latest batch of episodes.

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Picture: Nickelodeon

That Girl Lay Lay won’t be returning for a season 3 at either Nickelodeon or Netflix. Although it’s still midway through its bumper season on Nickelodeon, the current batch of episodes will be its last. 

Netflix carries the global rights to the show and markets the title as a Netflix Original in all regions outside the US. In the US, the show carries Nickelodeon branding.

Netflix added the show’s first season in 2022 and the first 13 episodes of season 2 dropped in February 2023.

The show’s prospects haven’t looked particularly strong for many months. As you may know, the second season was initially meant to run for 39 episodes in total. Still, according to Nickalive, they only managed to film 32 of those episodes before the Hollywood strikes stopped production. The final two episodes are scheduled to air on Nickelodeon on March 20th.

There is no Netflix release date confirmed for the show’s remaining episodes yet.

In a lengthy Instagram reel that includes footage of the cast and crew on set and behind the scenes, Gabrielle Nevaeh spoke about her journey on the show but ultimately concluded by saying that the show had come to a close. We’ve embedded some of the text below:

“On my third time of declining the opportunity to play Sadie, Paramount insisted that I take a meeting with the Creator of the series, David A. Arnold, the Show Runners Ron Hart & John Beck & Lay Lay to meet them and read the material out loud. I agreed, prepped with the lovely casting team, & the rest was history.

This show has helped me grow immensely as an artist & a human being. I have never worked on a set that was as warm & loving as our show; that was all because of David. David was a one of a kind leader who always made me feel seen, heard, & appreciated. He would be incredibly proud of our work and the legacy that he created with TGLL.

David & I spoke often about what life would be like when That Girl Lay Lay finally closed its curtain. He always said that “one day this will just be a good memory that you look back on. It’ll just be one of those things you did once when you were a kid. You gon be aight”.

Now we have finally reached that moment that David always spoke about. In the next chapter of my career, I hope to continue to make him proud.

Thank you to the cast and crew of TGLL for making this the best three years ever. Ron & John, thank you for your unwavering kindness, humility, and empathy that brought us all together. Thank you Will Packer for the ongoing support. To my onscreen family, I am inspired by your talent & am so grateful to have shared this beautiful experience with you all.
The last two episodes of TGLL will air this Wednesday on Nick.”

The news of That Girl Lay Lay’s cancellation comes just a month or so after the cast of Erin & Aaron, another live-action Nickelodeon series, confirmed that it would not be returning for a season 2. This seems to be a general shift in Nickelodeon’s trend of axing its lineup of live-action shows in favor of animated titles.

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