Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in April 2023

We preview all of the Netflix Originals currently scheduled to arrive on Netflix in April.

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Welcome along to your early look at the Netflix Originals that are planned to hit throughout the month of April 2023. We’ll preview all the new Netflix Original movies and series scheduled to hit throughout the month.

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English Language Netflix Originals Coming in April 2023


Coming to Netflix: April 6th

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beef netflix original series april 2023

Picture: Netflix

From A24 Television comes a new comedy headlined by Steven Yeun and Ali Wong.

The series, consisting of 10 episodes, follows the aftermath of a road rage incident between two strangers with the stakes ramping up dangerously over time.


Coming to Netflix: April 7th

Transatlantic Unit ©AnikaMolnar Netflix 005

Lucas Englander as Albert Hirschmann and Gillian Jacobs as Mary Jayne Gold in Transatlantic, Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Anna Winger returns to Netflix for her second major project for Netflix following Unorthodox in the form of a new period drama series.

Per Netflix, here’s what you can expect from the new series:

“Risking their lives to help more than 2000 refugees escape occupied France, including many artists and writers on the Nazis’ most-wanted list, this international gang of young heroes and their famous charges occupy a villa at the edge of the city, where the threat of mortal danger gives way to unexpected collaborations and intense love affairs.”

Seven Kings Must Die 

Coming to Netflix: April 14th

seven kings must die netflix movie april 2023

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die – Picture: Netflix

Following the release of five seasons of the historical fiction series that Netflix revived away from the BBC, we’ll now be getting a final movie that concludes the story.

Here’s what you can expect:

“Following the death of King Edward, invaders and rival heirs do battle for the crown and Uthred must adventure once again with his comrades as they attempt to form a united England.”

Martha Hillier is behind the screenplay for the movie and is being directed by Edward Bazalgette.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Once & Always

Coming to Netflix: April 19th

mighty morphin power rangers once and always netflix

Picture: Entertainment One

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, a stand-alone special episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers will drop ahead of Cosmic Fury coming to Netflix in Fall 2023.

Firefly Lane (The Final Chapter)

Coming to Netflix: April 27th

firefly lane season 2 netflix

Picture: Netflix

Originally scheduled to hit Netflix in June 2023, the second and final part of Firefly Lane season 2 will hit Netflix earlier in late April 2023.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love

Coming to Netflix: April 27th

a tourists guide to love netflix april 2023

Picture: Netflix

Steven Tsuchida will direct this new romantic comedy movie that stars Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda and Scott Ly as Sinh.

The movie revolves around a travel executive accepting an assignment to go undercover and learn more about the Vietnam tourist industry. While there, she finds that she not only falls in love with the country but an expat tour guide.

Other English Language Netflix Originals Coming in April 2023

  • Mo’Nique: My Name is Mo’Nique (2023) – Stand-up special – April 4th

Non-English Language Netflix Originals Coming in April 2023

War Sailor (Limited Series)

Coming to Netflix: April 5th
Language: Norwegian

War Sailor Netflix

Picture: Netflix

A 3-episode mini-series from Norway will drop early in the month.

Here’s the official description per Netflix:

“Alfred Garnes is a working-class sailor, who has recently become the father of a third child. He and his childhood friend Sigbjørn Kvalen (Wally) are working on a merchant ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when World War II breaks out. They are unarmed civilians on the front lines of a war they never asked to join. The two men struggle for survival in a spiral of violence and death, where at any moment German submarines may attack their valuable vessels. The war sailors have one goal: to survive–and to return home.”


Coming to Netflix: April 6th
Language: Thai


Picture: Netflix

The first major Thai movie of 2023 is written and produced by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee.

Described as a culinary film, this movie is about a woman in her twenties called Aoy running her family’s local stir-fried noodles restaurant in the old quarter of Bangkok. One day, she is invited to leave the family business and join team Hunger, the number one luxury Chef’s table team in Thailand, led by Chef Paul.


Coming to Netflix: April 14th (date subject to change)
Language: Korean

queenmaker netflix korean series

Picture: Netflix

Among the huge roster of new Korean dramas coming to Netflix in 2023 is Queenmaker.

Per Netflix, here’s what you can expect from the new series that will star Kim Hee Ae, Moon So Ri, and Ryu Soo Young:

“Two women join forces, Hwang Do Hee, a skilled career woman, who hasn’t come down from her 12 centimeter stilettos for 12 years, and the labor rights lawyer Oh Seung Sook aka “crazy rhinoceros.” Oh Seung Sook is the president of the women’s workers association, leader of the Worker’s Solidarity with Rights foundation, and a popular YouTuber with little interest in authority. However, the “Queen Maker” Hwang Do Hee is determined to make Oh Seung Sook the mayor of Seoul.”

Other Netflix Originals Coming in April 2023

  • Running for the Truth: Alex Schwazer (Season 1) – April 13th – Italian courtroom docuseries. Date subject to change.
  • Ex-addicts Club (Season 1) – April 20th – Indonesian sitcom
  • The Nurse (Season 1) – April 27th – Danish medical/crime drama series.

What will you be checking out on Netflix in April 2023? Let us know in the comments down below.

Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in April 2023

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