‘Queenmaker’ Netflix K-Drama Season 1: April Release Date & What We Know So Far

The upcoming political k-drama 'Queenmaker' is coming to Netflix in 2023.

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queenmaker k drama season 1 netflix everything we know so far

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Netflix has an exciting number of k-dramas headed your way in 2023, including the highly anticipated political drama Queenmaker. Expected to arrive in April 2023, we’re keeping track of everything you need to know about Queenmaker, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Queenmaker is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original political drama directed by Oh Jin Suk (My First Love), and written by screenwriter Moon Ji Young (Who Are You?).

When is the Queenmaker Netflix release date?

With the release of the official teaser trailer, we can now confirm that Queenmaker will be released on Netflix on Friday, April 14th, 2023.

All 12 episodes will be available to stream upon release.

What is the plot of Queenmaker?

Two women join forces, Hwang Do Hee, a skilled career woman, who hasn’t come down from her 12 centimeter stilettos for 12 years, and the labor rights lawyer Oh Seung Sook aka “crazy rhinoceros.” Oh Seung Sook is the president of the women’s workers association, leader of the Worker’s Solidarity with Rights foundation, and a popular YouTuber with little interest in authority. However, the “Queen Maker” Hwang Do Hee is determined to make Oh Seung Sook the mayor of Seoul.

Who are the cast members of Queenmaker?

Kim Hee Ae plays the role of Hwang Do Hee. It will be a Netflix debut for The World of the Married actress, and her first drama in almost three years. Other popular dramas Kim Hee Ae has starred in are You’re One-of-a-Kind, Basics of Love, and Perfect Love.

kim hee ae queenmaker k drama season 1 netflix everything we know so far

Moon So Ri plays the role of Oh Seung Sook. This is the first lead role in a Netflix series for Moon So Ri after previously starring in supporting roles in the drama The School Nurse Files, and the movie Seoul Vibe.

moon so ri queenmaker k drama season 1 netflix everything we know so far

Ryu Soo Young plays the role of Baek Jae Min and will be making his Netflix debut in Queen Maker. Some of Ryu Soo Young’s most recent and popular dramas have been My Father is Strange, My Lawyer, Mr. Jo, and Here’s My Plan.

ryu soo young queenmaker k drama season 1 netflix everything we know so far

Kim Tae Hoon plays the role of Ma Jung Seok and has already starred in several Netflix Originals, including, both seasons of Kingdom, Persona, and Navillera.

kim tae hoon queenmaker k drama season 1 netflix everything we know so far

The following are the supporting cast members of Queenmaker;

  • Ki Do Hoon (Arthdal Chronicles)
  • Lee Kyung Young (Again My Life)
  • Kin Kyung (Melancholia) as Seo Min Jeong
  • Seo Yi Sook (Under the Queen’s Umbrella) as Son Young Shim
  • Won Tae Min (You Make Me Dance) as Soo Ho
  • Han Chae Kyung (Dear My Name) as Han Yi Seul
  • Ok Ya Yeon (Under the Queen’s Umbrella)
  • Jo Won Hee (Lovers of the Red Sky)
  • Kim Byung Ok (Go Back Couple)

When and where did filming take place?

Filming took place from early December 2021 to late June 2022. All of the filming took place in South Korea.

What is the episode count?

It has been confirmed there will be a total of 12 episodes.

Each episode will have an approximate runtime of 60 minutes.

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