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new returning spanish series netflix 2021 2022

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re looking ahead to 2021. While we can’t predict the future, we can confidently say that Netflix is delivering us a load of great shows and movies to stream next year. 

Netflix is really upping its game when it comes to its international content, and we can already tell that this trend will continue into next year and beyond. Keep reading to find out all about the Spanish-language Originals coming to your favorite streaming platform in 2021.

Debut Spanish Language Netflix Originals Coming in 2021

Alma / The Girl in the Mirror (Season 1)

Origin Country: Spain

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the girl in the mirror

This one was originally expected to hit in late 2020 (which is still might) but indications are that it’s been pushed to early 2021.

The supernatural drama is written by Sergio G. Sánchez and was announced all the way back in November 2018. The series follows a young teen who is the sole survivor of a bus crash and loses her memory.

Bandidos (Season 1)

Origin Country: Unknown 

We don’t have many details about this one yet, but here’s what we know so far.

Bandidos is a Spanish-language action series, due to arrive on Netflix in 2021. Here’s a (very) brief synopsis from IMDb:

International treasure hunters must pull off the ultimate heist.

The series is produced by Leonardo Zimbrón (You’ve Got This) and created by Cuba’s Alejandro Brugués (Nightmare Cinema, Juan of the Dead) and Colombian director Esteban Orozco (El Chapo, Wild District).

Catrina: La Santa Muerte 

Origin Country: Mexico 

Here’s what we know about this upcoming series featuring Mexican actress, Bianca Soto. Very brief synopsis supplied by Deadline:

The action series is set on the geographical border between Mexico and the United States, at a time when the metaphysical border between the world of the living and the Land of the Dead is beginning to blur.

Cielo Grande / Big Sky 

Origin Country: Argentina 

Described as Netflix’s first musical from Argentina, the YA series follows a group of teens working at a ski resort.

Dale Gas / Go On (Season 1)

Origin Country: Mexico

This ten-part action series tells the story of Kike Guerrero, a “talented illegal street race car driver that fights to live an honest life, but is forced to return to Monterrey, a place where his family became powerful in the world of automobile crime.”

The series stars Benny Emmanuel, Andrés Delgado (Tijuana) and Renata Vaca (Rosario Tejeras), Gerardo Taracena (Narcos Mexico) and Siverio Palacios.

The series is currently expected in early 2021.

El Eternauta / The Eternaut

Origin Country: Argentina 

Adaptation of a popular sci-fi comic book series from the 1950s by Héctor Germán Oesterheld.

The comic tells the story of Juan Salvo, who, after surviving an alien invasion, is forced to time travel.

El Reino 

Origin Country: Argentina 

If you like political thrillers, El Reino may be right up your street. Here’s a synopsis we found on El Cronista (translated):

The new series tells the story of Pastor Emilio Vázquez Pena (Peretti), candidate for Vice President of the Republic, whose running mate is suddenly assassinated during the campaign closing ceremony. After the horror, comes the opportunity: Vásquez Pena could become the next president of the Nation. Between intrigues, he will try to decipher who the murderer is and what his causes were, while preparing to be the new leader of the country.

El tiempo que te doy / The Time I Give You (Season 1)

Origin Country: Spain

Filming in Madrid is this drama co-created by Inés Pintor and Pablo F. Santidrián. It’ll star Nadia de Santiago and Álvaro Cervantes.

Feria (Season 1)

Origin Country: Spain

Feria was one of the seven new Originals announced in late 2020.

This series comes from the same creator as Elite, one of Netflix’s biggest Spanish language series.

Eight episodes in total were ordered and answers what two sisters would do when they discover their parents are monsters.

Ídolo (Season 1)

Origin Country: Spain

Daniel López Sánchez, Federico Maniá Sibona and Yago de Torres will be bringing their brand new short series to Netflix in 2021.

The series is about a young boy who tries to replace and substitute his childhood music hero.

Jaguar (Season 1)

Origin Country: Spain

jaguar netflix 2021

Bambú Producciones will be returning to work with Netflix on a brand new series after their other major titles have made big splashes on Netflix in the form of Velvet, High Seas, and Cable Girls.

Set in the 1960s, this series follows the events after the Second World War with a young Spanish woman looking for the most dangerous man in Europe still on the run for his crimes.

La Venganza de las Juanas / The Revenge of the Juanas (Season 1)

Origin Country: Mexico

The synopsis for this new Original sounds as mysterious as it does dramatic:

[La Venganza de las Juanas] tells the story of five women who do not know each other but share an identical birthmark that will lead them to search for the man who cheated on their respective mothers.

Starring Zuria Vega (Sin Ella), Oka Giner (Gossip Girl: Acapulco), Renata Notni (El Dragón: Return of a Warrior), Pablo Astiazaran (Club de Cuervos), Carlos Athie (Un poquito tuyo), Federico Espejo (The House Of Flowers) and Carlos Ponce (Spy, Cristella, Couples Retreat).

Los Corruptores (Season 1)

Origin Country: Mexico

This adaptation will be on the novel by Jorge Zepeda Patterson and the young adult series “Sofía H.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Origin Country: Colombia

Gabriel García Márquez is a famous novelist from Colombia and for the first time, Netflix will be adapting the book as confirmed by the NYTimes.

Sky Rojo (Season 1)

Origin Country: Spain

sky rojo netflix series 2021

Alex Pina, the man responsible for Netflix’s biggest Spanish Original series Money Heist is back for his second full Spanish series (after the rather disappointing and canceled White Lines).

The new series which has been filming throughout much of 2020, is about three prostitutes searching for freedom while running from three men.

The Innocent (Season 1)

Origin Country: Spain 

The Innocent Spanish series

Netflix has total access to Harlen Coben’s library of titles and this will be the first to be adapted into a Spanish series.

The series started production in late November 2019 but it’s unclear how far it is into development however, early 2021 seems likely.

The eight-episode series will feature Mario Casas, Aura Garrido, and Alexandra Jiménez.

Todo Va a Estar Bien / Everything is Going to be Fine (Season 1)

Origin Country: Mexico

If you’re looking for a Spanish-language comedy to get stuck into in 2021, this could be the one for you.

We don’t know much else about this one apart from the cast and crew. Famed Mexican actor, Diego Luna (Rogue One, Tales of Arcadia, Narcos: Mexico), is taking a turn on the other side of the camera, as creator, director and producer of Todo Va a Estar Bien. The series will also star Flavio Medina (The House of Flowers, Narcos: Mexico) and Lucía Uribe (The House of Flowers, Unstoppable).

Returning Spanish Netflix Originals Coming in 2021 or 2022

Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic has unsettled the release schedule for many Spanish-language Netflix Originals. While the following titles have all been confirmed and should have been ready for a 2021 release beware that any could be pushed back.

Chichipatos / The Unremarkable Juanquini (Season 2)

Origin Country: Colombia 

Kooky magician, Juanquini, has an interesting magic trick: he can make the world’s most-wanted criminals disappear. Who knows what he will achieve in season two?

Control Z (Season 2)

Origin Country: Mexico 

control z netflix

We don’t know when, but Netflix has confirmed that YA drama Control Z will be returning for a second season. If you missed it, here’s the season one synopsis, as provided by Wikipedia:

During an assembly at Colegio Nacional (National School), a hacker exposes a huge secret of one of the students. This causes panic and humiliates a secretly transgender student. The hacker continues revealing students’ secrets which causes numerous students to turn on one another. Sofía Herrera, an introverted teenager, tries to uncover who this hacker is before the dirt on her becomes public.

Dark Desire (Season 2)

Origin Country: Mexico 

dark desire season 2 netflix

More than 35 million people watched Dark Desire season one in its first 28 days, making it one of the most popular non-English language titles on Netflix.

A visit to an out-of-town friend becomes very dramatic for Alma Solares (Maite Perroni) when she begins an intense love affair behind her husband’s back. Of course, her secret relationship with a younger man can’t stay secret forever…

Elite (Season 4)

Coming to Netflix: Expected mid-2021 
Origin Country: Spain

elite netflix season 4

This YA series is incredibly popular, with fans calling for a fourth season as soon as season three ended. Fortunately for them, season five has already been confirmed, too.

The teen thriller follows a group of students at an elite school as they attempt to balance status, relationships, drama, and studying.

Hache (Season 2)

Origin Country: Spain 

Netflix confirmed over a year ago that Spanish drama series, Hache, would be returning for a second series. Here’s the translation for the tweet above: “The “damn the teacher and damn the apprentice” thing to #Hache falls short. The second season arrives in 2020.”

Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has pushed the second season of Hache back. It’s unclear how much (if any) filming has taken place yet, so we wouldn’t expect to see season two until late 2021 at the earliest.

Money Heist / Casa De Papel (Season 5)

Coming to Netflix: Fall 2021
Origin Country: Spain

money heist season 5 netflix 2021

Money Heist is back for its fifth and final season. After filming was paused due to a certain pandemic, the Professor and his colleagues were eventually able to get back in front of the camera.

Check out our complete guide to everything we know about season five of Money Heist.

Monarca (Season 2)

Origin Country: Mexico 

How much do you know about tequila?

This drama series, produced by Mexica actress, Salma Hayek, follows a billion-dollar tequila tycoon, and the drama and strain it places on his family. Expect to see plenty more corruption and shady dealings in season two of Monarca.

The series was originally teased to return in 2020 but that doesn’t look likely hence it coming in 2021.

Nailed It! Mexico (Season 2)

Origin Country: Mexico 

Mexican version of the TV series exploring Pinterest-worthy craft fails. We expect to see Omar Chaparro return for two more seasons of Nailed It! México, but as yet, we don’t know when.

Paquita Salas (Season 4)

Origin Country: Spain 

This kooky show has amassed quite the cult following. The show’s creators, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi have confirmed that there will be a fourth season, but it won’t be until they’re finished with other projects.

The Neighbor / El Vecino (Season 2)

Origin Country: Spain 

the neighbor season 2 netflix

Messy and confused 20-something, Javier, somehow gains superhuman powers. With the help of his neighbor, Javier learns to adjust to a new way of interacting with the world. Based on a comic book series of the same name.

This comedy series is a little different to the usual superhero titles we see on Netflix. However, it was popular and positively received, so we’re not surprised to see it renewed for 2021.

Valeria (Season 2)

Origin Country: Spain 

valeria season 2 netflix

Rumours of renewal began circulating almost immediately after Valeria was released. However, it took some time before Netflix officially confirmed it via its Instagram feed.

Valeria will have some tough decisions to make in season two: does she meet the tough demands of her publisher? How does she proceed in her love triangle situation? Only time will tell…

We hope that gives you some good insight as to what Spanish language series has in store over the next year or so. Let us know in the comments which ones you’re looking forward to the most.

Spanish Language Netflix Original Series Coming in 2021

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