List of Nicole Kidman Movies on Netflix

Last updated: April 29th, 2022

How many Nicole Kidman movies are there on Netflix?

There are 6 Nicole Kidman Movies currently on Netflix.

What's the highest rated title from Nicole Kidman on Netflix?

Lion is currently the highest rated title on Netflix (according to IMDb) with a score of 8.1/10.

Full List of Movies Starring Nicole Kidman on Netflix

Cover Title Name Released Rating IMDb
Eyes Wide ShutEyes Wide Shut
An argument about fidelity sends a married physician reeling into the night, where he finds himself in a surreal succession of sexual encounters.
Streaming Since: 10/01/2017
An Indian man who was separated from his mother at age 5 and adopted by an Australian couple returns home, determined to find his birth family.
Streaming Since: 01/09/2019
The Prom The Prom
A group of down-on-their-luck Broadway stars shake up a small Indiana town as they rally behind a teen who just wants to attend prom with her girlfriend.
Streaming Since: 12/11/2020
The Interpreter The Interpreter
Silvia Broome is a translator at the United Nations. But her job turns perilous when she overhears a plot to assassinate a government official.
Streaming Since: 06/01/2021
The Beguiled The Beguiled
During the Civil War, a wounded Union soldier takes refuge at a Southern girls school, rupturing the calm amid growing sexual tension and infighting.
Streaming Since: 07/16/2021
The Railway Man The Railway Man
Decades after World War II, a still-shattered soldier unexpectedly falls in love and sees a bizarre coincidence bring his past back into focus.
Streaming Since: 08/11/2021

Disclaimer: Data presented is for Netflix US. May not 100% reflect the full Netflix library.

Nicole Kidman Titles No Longer on Netflix

  • The Peacemaker (1997) - Removed June 2023
  • Cold Mountain (2003) - Removed January 2023
  • The Invasion (2007) - Removed November 2023
  • The Golden Compass (2007) - Removed November 2023
  • Just Go With It (2011) - Removed July 2023
  • Trespass (2011) - Removed January 2023
  • The Paperboy (2012) - Removed November 2023
  • Queen of the Desert (2015) - Removed May 2023
  • Strangerland (2015) - Removed May 2023
  • Secret in Their Eyes (2015) - Removed April 2023
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) - Removed April 2023