List of Netflix Original Movies

Last updated: March 15th, 2024

Netflix is shaking up Hollywood as it becomes the home of hundreds of movies whether they be small independent titles or massive blockbuster movies. The streaming provider has so many to choose from and that’s a problem. We’ve created this A-Z list to help you find your next Netflix Original movie to watch.

Having now won multiple awards, the streaming provider is now a serious contender in the movie business. It seems the days of heading out to the cinema to watch a lesser-known movie are coming to an end. Cinemas now tend to be dominated by big-budget releases and they’re often sequels. Netflix gives the chance to smaller creators and bigger creators to let them live out their vision.

How this list works

As with our other lists on What’s on Netflix like our full library or list of Netflix Originals, this list is fed from a central library we keep here. It includes additional information on movies like their runtime, actor list, director, and the playback quality. We’ve also included their IMDb scores which will enable you to sort through the best and the worst of the Netflix Original movie lineup.


Full list of Netflix Original Movies on Netflix

Cover Title Name Genre Rating IMDb