‘Cat Burglar’ Interactive Special on Netflix: What You Need to Know

The Black Mirror creators have been slowly working behind the scenes on several new projects including Cat Burglar due to release on Netflix in February 2022.

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In February 2022, Netflix will be releasing a new animated interactive special called Cat Burglar. The series comes from Broke and Bones which is the brand new production company set up by Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones. 

The new interactive special was released on Netflix on February 22nd, 2022 around the globe.

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It adds to Netflix’s growing collection of interactive specials which, with the release of Cat Burglar, will have grown to 18 titles in total.

Here’s how Netflix describes the new special:

“Classic cartoon craziness meets an interactive quiz in CAT BURGLAR. In this Tex Avery inspired toon from the creators of BLACK MIRROR, the viewer helps Rowdy Cat vex Peanut the Security Pup and break into a museum with the goal of making off with a priceless prize. With an average runtime of ten minutes, and over an hour and a half of animation to choose from, the viewer could play CAT BURGLAR a hundred times and never view the same cartoon twice!”

How long is Cat Burglar on Netflix?

This answer comes in two parts. If you only plan on doing a single run-through of the special, it’ll take you around 15 to 20 minutes to play through it. If you fancy taking every possible route, it’ll take around an hour and 16 minutes.

Who’s voicing characters in the interactive special?

James Adomian is on board to voice the character of Rowdy. Adomian is mostly known for his stand-up comedy and appearances on the likes of Comedy Bang! Bang!. He’s also known for voicing characters on a slew of shows including Netflix’s Hoops, Bojack Horseman, and Inside Job. Elsewhere, he’s voiced on Duncanville, Close Enough, Harley Quinn, and Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

Alan Lee is reportedly on board to voice Peanut in the new series. He’s primarily known for voice acting and dubbing. He provided dubs for Squid Game for example but is best known for Aldnoah.Zero, Illang: The Wolf Brigade and Nowhere Man.

Trevor Devall narrates the title as the Museum Director. He’s lent his voice to nearly 300 titles including many Netflix projects including the new Johnny Test series, F is for Family, and the upcoming Sonic Prime series.

So without further ado, here’s your first look images of the upcoming Netflix series, Cat Burglar:

Who’s Behind Cat Burglar on Netflix?

Heading up the project are two writers who notably worked on Netflix’s BoJack Horseman including James Bowman and Mike Hollingsworth.

The Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones notably formed their own company called Broke and Bones following their departure from Endemol Shine Company in 2020.

Brooker and Jones both serve as executive producers on the title. You can see Brooker talk about the project below in this interview released by Netflix UK.

So far from Broke and Bones, we’ve seen the release of three titles including Death to 2020 and its follow-up Death to 2021. They also released the Rob Lowe-led docu-series Attack of the Hollywood Cliches! which dropped in 2021. They’re also working on Cunk on Earth coming to Netflix internationally in 2022 and the BBC in the UK.

Black Mirror seems to be on permanent hiatus as we’ve discussed previously although a spin-off to the USS Callister is rumored to be in development.

Cat Burglar isn’t the only animated title coming out in February 2022 that borrows its style from a bygone era. The Cuphead Show! based on the video game is scheduled to also hit in Feburary 2022.

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