‘Diablero’ Won’t Return for Season 3 at Netflix

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diablero wont return for season 3 netflix

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The Mexican horror series Diablero won’t be returning for a Season 3 at Netflix, What’s on Netflix has learned. 

Produced by Morena Films and created by Pablo Tébar and José Manuel Cravioto, the horror series from Mexico first debuted on our Netflix subscriptions back in 2018. Eight episodes were ordered for the first season. Then, around 18 months later, we saw the second season of the show land on Netflix around the world on January 31st, 2020.

Now, two years later after the season 2 premiere, we’ve never had anything regarding the future of the show. A few spam blogs speculated we would get a new season in 2021 but that never came to pass.

We’ve now heard from sources close to the production that there’s no chance the show will be returning in the future. Of course, the writing was on the wall anyway given the length of time between season 2 releasing and now.

Don’t let that put you off checking out the series, however, although there are a few loose ends to the story according to El Comercio, the series does wrap up nicely enough to warrant a watch from start to finish.

The two season series is about a group of superhero-esque figures teaming up to battle evil. Ela Velden, Dolores Heredia, Humberto Busto, Christopher Von Uckermann, Gisselle Kuri, Fátima Molina and Horacio Garcia Rojas star.

The series has effectively been ghost-canceled which is something we’ve seen increasingly in the last few years. This essentially means that Netflix shows get canceled behind the scenes with cast and crew released to do other projects but either then don’t or aren’t able to talk about the cancelation of the show to the public.

Another sign that the show wasn’t going to return for a third season was the fact that all the official social accounts for the show went dark just over a month after release.

Among the other Spanish-language shows likely having been canceled behind the scenes include The Club, Green Frontier, Yankee, The Unremarkable Juanquini, The Search, and Puerta 7 to name just a few.

Are you disappointed that Diablero won’t be returning for a third season at Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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