Is Ponyo Streaming on Netflix again?

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Will Ponyo Return To Netflix Studio Ghibli

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One word comes to mind when you think of titles made by Studio Ghibli and that is ‘Iconic.’ For almost 2 decades the bar for the quality of anime films was set by the famous animation studio. Just over 10 years ago they had another smash hit with the loveable fantasy film Ponyo. Now while it has streamed on Netflix before, where has it streamed? and is it returning? Let’s find out.

Like the other Studio Ghibli films, Ponyo was a phenomenal success worldwide and became the 3rd highest grossing anime film of all time (Now 4th thanks to Your Name). Released to theatres in Japan in 2008, the US and Canada wouldn’t get a release until 2009. Worldwide the film made just over $200 Million which for an anime film is an incredible return at the box office. Ponyo also went on to win numerous awards and has been enjoyed by audiences worldwide, especially with young children.

Sneaking out of the kingdom to see the forbidden surface world the goldfish Princess encounters a young boy named Sosuke. Becoming friends almost immediately Sosuke names her Ponyo. Ponyo wants nothing more than to become human and spend more time with her human friend. But the more time she spends with Sosuke the more human-like she becomes. When Ponyo is caught sneaking out by her father he brings her back to his kingdom, but Ponyo’s desire to become human is so strong she breaks free and returns to Sosuke village. In consequence of her escape, she accidentally spills a series of magical elixirs that endanger Sosuke’s village.

Is Ponyo streaming on Netflix US?

Just like all the other Studio Ghibli titles, Ponyo is unavailable on Netflix US. GKids owns the distribution rights for the Studio Ghibli titles in North America. So if you want to watch any of the Ghibli titles you will need to purchase

Is Ponyo streaming in other regions?

The only regions that were reported to of streamed Ponyo previously were Brazil and Australia but the film is no longer streaming in those regions. As for the rest of the world, no region is streaming the title on Netflix. Studio Ghibli is infamous for the fact that their titles are universally unavailable to stream.

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