Madagascar spin-off Exclusively coming to Netflix in December

King Julien_001_S1E2

Not for the first time this year has Netflix managed to secure exclusive content from DreamWorks. Earlier in the year Turbo FAST got the Netflix treatment with multiple episodes being added to the service exclusively with a brand new storyline using the main characters of the movie which also managed to find its way onto the service soon after.

Also in similar fashion to Turbo Fast is in the way that episodes are released onto Netflix the first five will makes its way onto Netflix on December 19th then a further group added later on and our guess would be in the early part of 2015. The series is entitled ‘All Hail the King’ which is exclusively focussing on the lemurs before the rest of the animals arrived which means the series is set before the first Madagascar movie which was first released in 2005 and has seen 2 movies since too.

Dreamworks have announced that Henry Winkler, Danny Jacbos, Andy Richter and Kevin Michael Richardson will be voicing the new series.

We also suspect that along with the series we may be getting the movies added to Netflix too in similar fashion with Turbo Fast.

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