‘Money Heist’ Star To Host New Netflix Reality Series, ‘Insiders’

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Najwa Nimri Netflix Reality Series Insiders

Insiders – Picture: Netflix

Najwa Nimri, who is known for being Alicia Sierra in Netflix’s Money Heist is taking some time away from bank heists to host this brand new hidden-camera reality series that arrives on Netflix globally in October 2021.

The game show will essentially trick contestants into thinking they’re in a casting call for a show on Netflix but the reality is they’re in the show itself with the chance to win 100,000 Euros.

According to Netflix, the show is “set on a 17200 sq. ft. soundstage rigged with more than 250 hidden microphones and 70 hidden cameras”. It’s also being promoted as something never seen in the reality TV space before. It was first announced back in February 2021.

As we mentioned, the series is hosted by Najwa Nimri who has risen to fame thanks to her first appearance in season 3 of Money Heist and subsequent appearances in seasons 4 and 5 where she’s evolved into one of the main characters of the series.

All episodes of the series will drop on Netflix simultaneously around the globe on October 21st, 2021. According to VerTele! (h/t @ArmosFr on Twitter), Netflix has given the series a multiple-season order so there’s more to come after the first batch of episodes in late October.

Beyond Money Heist, Najwa Nimri featured in Vis a Vis and its spin-off El Oasis and starred in the 2018 movie The Tree of Blood.

A Spanish-language trailer can be viewed below but if you’re looking for English subtitles, you’ll need to watch the trailer attached to the show page on Netflix itself (you can also set a reminder to watch on this page too).

As we’ve covered before, Netflix certainly is investing in their Money Heist stars beyond the mothership series. We’ve seen a number of high-profile stars from the show go on to appear in other Netflix movies and shows with more on the way. This isn’t entirely uncommon, we’ve seen the Stranger Things cast snapped up for other Netflix projects too.

The hope from Netflix’s end is that putting recognizable faces from their biggest shows on smaller ones may draw an audience for that smaller title.

Whether this reality series can make the jump into other regions in the future will also be interesting. Many of Netflix’s reality shows have been localized such as Too Hot To Handle having Brazillian and Latino spin-offs.

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