Netflix begins year by taking action against VPN’s

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It’s been long known by many Netflix users how to jump regions of the service to gain access to other countries library of content which usually significantly differs in quantity and quality depending on which region you jump to. This has caused quite the stir around Hollywood given that they claim that region hopping was damaging their business and essentially skipping over the licensing contracts they’d set up with Netflix.

Netflix isn’t the only site with these problems however, Hulu Plus, HBO and even British services such as ITV player and the BBC iPlayer all have to contend with users viewing their content from countries which they don’t have the licensing the operate in.

In the past Netflix hasn’t released any sort of statement regarding the issue but with a new release of the Android application it’s known that VPN services you may have operating on your Android system no longer works. This is because Netflix has opted for hard coding their own DNS service, which also happens to be Google run, into the application bypassing any service you may have set up.

Unfortunately there’s only a few ways of currently getting around this and we suspect there’ll be more in the coming months too however this could be the early stages of a world wide roll out of using the hard coded DNS approach.

TorrentFreak, which regularly reports on DNS and VPN’s has predicted that Netflix will continue their aggressive blocking to satisfy their content producers and partners.

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