Saban Films ‘Last Man Down’ Coming to Netflix in February 2022

The action-thriller movie Last Man Down starring Daniel Stisen is coming to Netflix in select regions in February 2022.

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last man down saban films coming to netlfix

Last Man Down – Picture: Saban Films

The dystopian action thriller Last Man Down starring Daniel Stisen and Olga Kent will be making its SVOD debut on both Netflix UK and the United States (other regions TBC) on February 16th, 2022.

Directed by Fansu Njie (also known for Senja Chronicles, Restrainer and Bad Dreams), the movie focuses on the character of John Wood (played by Daniel Stisen) who left civilization behind to live in a remote cabin after a virus ravaged much of the world. His story then becomes complicated when a potential cure lands in his hand which leads him to being hunted down.

Also starring in Last Man Down includes Olga Kent, Daniel Nehme, Stanislav Yanevski, Madeleine Vall, Natassia Malthe, Stephanie Siadatan and others.

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Now while we’ve embedded the trailer below we do actually recommend you don’t watch it if you want to go into this movie not knowing the entire plot in advance. Yep, it’s one of those trailers.

The movie was first released on VOD platforms back in October 2021 where it remains to this day but will also now be hitting Netflix in the middle of February 2022. It wasn’t included in the Netflix PR release for February 2022 but we’ve now included it in our preview for the month.

Reviews for the movie are generally positive. It holds a 5.7 on IMDb with many praising its action while saying the acting and storyline lets it down. One review compares it to the likes of Schwarzenegger’s action movies from the 1980s.

Netflix, particularly in the US, has been getting Saban Films in a timely fashion for quite some time now. Just recently we saw the release of The Colony (also known as Tides) which resided in the top 10s for a number of days. We’ve also seen Dragon Rider, Zone 414, Occupation: Rainfall, Long Story Short, and more added to Netflix in the US just in the past year.

Will you be checking out this action thriller in February? Let us know in the comments.

Saban Films ‘Last Man Down’ Coming to Netflix in February 2022

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