‘Sneakerheads’ Won’t Be Back for Season 2 at Netflix

According to one of the stars of the show, it was designed as a limited series.

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Sneakerheads Wont Return For Season 2 At Netflix

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Sneakerheads won’t be coming back for a second season on Netflix. It’s taken us a while to get around to updating you on the status of the show, but if you’re looking for whether there’s a season 2 all these years later, you’ll be disappointed to hear there won’t be. 

Arriving on Netflix on September 25, 2020, the series was announced unexpectedly the month ahead of release. It began its life originally pitched as an original title on Complex.com but eventually got a season order at Netflix.

The series was created by Jay Longino, who has worked on movies such as Uncle Drew and Skiptrace. The cast includes Allen Maldonado, Andrew Bachelor, Jearnest Corchado, and Matthew Josten.

Never checked out the 6-episode first season? Here’s what you can expect: Devin, a former sneakerhead turned stay-at-home dad, finds himself deep in debt after falling for one of his old friend Bobby’s crazy schemes. To get his money back, the mismatched duo goes on the hunt for the most elusive kicks in the game.

Has Netflix renewed or canceled Sneakerheads?

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Sneakerheads – Picture: Complex Networks

We last updated our renewal guide post back in September 2021; at the time, we had no update on whether the show would return. In the first month of 2024, we’ve been looking through some of Netflix’s older titles that have been left hanging and found multiple shows that won’t be returning. These include Black Summer, canceled after three seasons, Oddballs not returning for a second season, and Tribes of Europa not returning.

So we did some digging on Sneakerheads, and what did we find?

We found that King Bach took to Twitter to answer the question as to whether there’d be a season 2 in October 2021, and the answer as to whether there’d be a season 2 was no. According to his Tweet, it was designed to be a limited series and, therefore, won’t be coming back. The show is notably not labeled a Netflix Original within the Netflix platform, however.

The series received fairly positive reviews from audiences, holding a 6.2 on IMDb and a 71% Rotten Tomatoes audience score. However, top 10 data suggests the show may not have made the impact needed to justify a return.

According to FlixPatrol, the show stayed in the top 10s in the US for only six days. We’ve generally observed that shows spending 30 days or more in the top 10s are more likely to return.

In an interview, Jay Longino said at one point the series was number four in the world at one point and added, “It was top 10 in 26 countries on Netflix.”

If you’re a fan of the subject matter, Complex Networks offers a variety of web series you may be interested in. You can find a full list of their “Sole Collector & Complex Sneakers Shows” via Complex’s all shows page.

Would you have liked to have seen Sneakerheads return for a second season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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